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Oh yeah, my life thus far...

When we last left our everyday life, I was catching up on live journal and email with my next task being paperwork.

I hear rich people pay accountants to keep track of this for them.

And I'm understanding the distaste for details that has gotten some of those same rich people in trouble for not paying enough attention to what their accountants were doing...

I hate doing paperwork. Especially when it involves creative juggling of old debt in order to make ends meet with new income. Maybe by the end of the year, we'll be caught up and I won't dread opening the books.

So much for what I've been avoiding.

Wednesday I did the paperwork for the Rookettes, and then finished sorting through our paperwork so that I would neat little sorted categories of things to avoid. While I was mucking through all of that, I managed to
  • make an appointment for a mammogram: Dec. 9
  • make an appointment to have the serpentine belt replaced on my car
  • make another call that was in my pile, but darned if I can remember what it was about
. By then it was time to pick the boys up from school. On the way home I
  • got the oil changed in my car
  • mailed some stuff I found while sorting paperwork
  • bought what we needed for dinner that wasn't already in the house
  • picked up Flar's laundry

  • At home, I made an early dinner of cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese, which we ate while watching Supertroopers. I think Flar and the boys got more out of it than I did, although Flar didn't catch a reference to it one day later. Sigh. After dinner, Tigger made popcorn using directions in a book he brought home from school. Part of it, he merely salted; the other part he put butter and brown sugar over, for a sort of caramel corn effect.

    Thursday was a halfday at school. I had to bowl out before the rest of my team so as to get to school on time to pick up the boys. I don't know how we did on the last game, but we either lost 3 or 4 points, depending on whether they were able to pull a win out of the hat on that one. I bowled *near* my average each game, but the rest of my team was stumbling.

    After school, I deposited the bowling money and went to the post office to send a surprise to Cinder.

    There was enough time at home for a quick lunch before leaving for conferences at school. Both Critter's and Tigger's teachers raved about how well they were doing. We got a chance to admire some of the work posted on the bulletin boards outside the classrooms.

    After we got home from conferences, I zipped over to Knight's to watch Buffy and erase it, and pick up the tape of Buffy and Smallville he made for Wolf and Sydb.

    In the evening, Tigger had a sleepover and Flar had a client party to go to. We were slowed by traffic: the rain caused some major accidents yesterday in the Lexington area. In one of them, a woman was hit by a bus while she was crossing a downtown street.

    Flar's client party was okay. The food was yummy, drinks were heavy on the ice (I've never gotten the trick of nursing a drink -- perhaps because I drink for thirst), and of course, I didn't know a soul there. Flar mostly remembered to introduce me to people, but that goes in one ear and out the other. We'd circled the place, Flar gave me a tour of all of it (the party was to show off new office space they'd moved into), and Flar seemed to be settling into standing around talking all evening, when I signalled him that I was tired. After all, I'm still medicating a nasty ear infection. Even though most of the symptoms are calmed down, I don't have enough energy to stand at a cocktail party past about an hour.

    At home, I finished the left front side of the sweater I'm knitting before going to sleep.

    This morning I got up in time to get my car down for service, and now I'm about to get ready to go out, and start bugging them to finish my car.

    And that brings us to now...

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