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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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random questions?
Has any tech supply store ever run an ad with geeks running through the store chanting "pieces and parts, pieces and parts, I gotta get me some pieces and parts" ?

What the heck are boyfriend cut jeans anyway?

and now, for a half hour of total immersion reading and vegging, with the flavor of chocolates still lingering on my tongue.

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Oh my gosh, the pieces and parts. I am still laughing.

Oh, it's such a relief that someone else finds this funny too. :)

I *think* that boyfriend cut jeans are slimmer in the hips (like most boys are) so that either the boy or girl can wear them. But I'm not absolutely sure about that. *shrug*

I get so frustrated with the shape on my body. I have exceedingly feminine hips, and online seems like the solution to be able to find COLORFUL jeans that fit and are comfy. And darnnit, my bright Newport News jean Just Aren't Comfy.

Woman Within lured me in with an email that had colorful stretchy jeans. But the most detail I get on sizing, so you know, the kind that mentions actual inches? Doesn't list any of the various cuts in the charts. Just straight up 12W through 44W. And, if I want tall, will they still be W? Cause, there's a W, a WP, and a T. hmph.

In Your Opinion, oh wise veteran of fashion, which is more likely to fit me? The relaxed fit, or the classic fit?

Okay, I found out what Boyfriend Cut are (gotta love google):

the boyfriend cut, which is tight around the rear but relaxed in the legs.

I think that's kind of what I said ("slimmer in the hips") although I wasn't sure about the legs.

As far as the Relaxed vs Classic Fit, the Relaxed seems generally fuller all over; the Classic seems to mainly be full-cut around the hip area, with the legs tapered at the bottom. Considering that they seem to be having a "buy one, get one half-off" sale right now, I'd suggest getting one of each and seeing which fits your figure better.

For myself, I'd get Relaxed fit, because I'm bottom-heavy all the way down to my ankles (such as they are), whereas your main problem area is in the hip/tummy vicinity.

And I don't like my Newport News jeans either - it's not just you!

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