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Activity level picking up .. must read .. offline

I've been loading up on webpages and dragging my computer with me when I leave the house lately, too busy to read at home.

Flar's still in Brazil. I've driven Tigger to school every day except this morning, when Critter drove, so I could sleep another 1.5 hours. I worked last night, and took Flar's car to the dealer this morning. Icky poo expensive brake work. But they drove me home in a Quattro, so I've worked on laundry today.

Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen, including washing the hand-wash, starting the chili-meat, and making a chowder. I also met with Amber about admin stuff, went to a KQJr beach party and info meeting, and attended Celebration. I think I was home for a total of four hours yesterday.

Now it's time to get to the bank, pay for Flar's car, and drive to school. Car-line, then Tutoring Club, then an hour or so at home, before I get Critter to drive me to the dealership, and I drive to Synergy group (and possibly work, haven't heard yet) in Flar's car.

Two hours offline at Tutoring Club. I should have time to catch up on reading, enter bills, queue on online tasks and *maybe* start another transcription.

I just found out that I'm not writing the text that will be translated in subtitles. I'm working the text that will be translated into a script for dubbing. And they thing they've found a voice that sounds like Pete. Cool!

This does not count as script-writing. I am not a scab. This does not count as script-writing.
Tags: busy, cleaning, errands, transcription

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