Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Mondays are for cleaning.

I got up this morning ready to go to my office's vacation lunch (delayed for ease in scheduling); it has once again been delayed, this time for the possibility of jury on the part of the COO. This gave me increased online time, but I finally had no excuses but to get to housework.

The bed is now stripped and awaiting clean blankets before I put new sheets on it. The rest of the bedroom is free of trash on the floor, and obviously dirty clothes. I've tidied my bedside table, and squared off the tower on Flar's side. (He'll likely clean it before he leaves town on Wednesday.)

The bathroom is clean of all dirty clothes, with Flar's not-from-the-floor strays tidied into one pile on the corner of the bath. I sorted more dirty clothes into the sorting baskets, and swept the area clear of recycling.

I'm taking a breather before I tackle the jacuzzi room.

This weekend, Flar washed all the laundry while I was at the speech tournament, and that is ready for me to fold. Last night, Critter and I worked together to polish off the dishes. He ran the dishwasher and put away all dishes, including the ones I hand washed. That amounted to two jacuzzi towels worth. All the clean dishtowels are awaiting my folding.

After I catch up online, I've a few pieces of mail to provide me further seated excuse. Then I'll start in on the folding.

Flood's been practically pacing while I cleaned, waiting for me to settle down in my chair so that she could nap on the couch. Silly girl.

I've an evening meeting with ChildofGrace at Panera, about which I'm relatively nervous. Tight stomach or chest taking turns when I think about it. Will feel better this evening, no doubt. No work, and with the housework done, I'll be able to tackle something like, ooh, ah, filing.
Tags: cleaning, errands, no stones

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