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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Something weird's up...
I got a strange message, trying to post a comment to kittybane's journal. Since I'm too lazy to look up email addresses and like that, this post is for Kittybane, about her broken finger:

Oh sweetie! I'm sorry to hear about your finger. I don't think they would put it in a cast if you went to a doctor. I hear they don't even tape broken toes anymore. So splinting it is the best you can do for awhile.

Do you want to come over sometime this weekend and shower in our bathroom? I know the water pressure is sub-optimal in the big, huge shower, but if you need beter pressure, the hand shower in the big, huge tub kicks butt. There's plenty of room for two in either place, and if you like, we could play with my hair twister together. Maybe we could do you a Whoopi style for until your finger's healed?

Oh and, that darned deadbolt doesn't like my key either. I think the bolt doesn't like being moved, actually -- it acted very very stiff when I came over on Monday morning. I'm thinking of coming over to watch Buffy this afternoon, by the way, just so you aren't worried about the giant mouse at the front door. ;)

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There must be something going around...our deadbolt doesn't like our keys either. You and my mom are the ones with the keys that work properly, and the only reason my mom ended up with the good key is that she kept complaining about it and it was easier for me to learn how to use the key that doesn't work well than to listen to her complain about not being able to get into my house when she was feeding the cats. ;) Next time we get a locksmith to do something with the locks, I'm making sure we get *all* the copies of the key we need from that locksmith, instead of planning to make copies later.

Really? No cast? Well, alright. I think Mom wanted to do that cause I keep using my left hand for things and she wants me to stop. I have stopped doing lifting though. Mom and I keep joking around that I felt bad for Ross on Friends cause he broke his thumb last episode. Hehehe, yeah, riiiiiight.

That's very nice of you to offer your shower. I'll talk to mom about it =0) I think a whoopi style might be bad for my hair though, I might never ever ever get them out and that would be scary. But I'm always willing to try new things.

That stupid deadbolt. Works fine with Knights key, everyone else it's like, NO! Fine, but at least we know how to get into the back without a key. We thought you were coming over yesterday, so coming over today would be cool =0) And thank you *hug*

Hmm. My key works fine on the deadbolt. Another option would be to go through the garage door (the big one, that is) if you know the keycode for it. ;)

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