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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Speech Saturday
Yesterday I earned my chops as a parent judge. I got up by 6:15 in order to get to EJHS in time for Critter to ride the bus to the tournament, then he got up late, so we drove straight to Henry Clay. I was given events to judge in all three rounds: Extemp, Duo interp, and Poetry. I barely had enough time to get a couple of muffin-sized quiches for breakfast before the first round started.

The rounds were long, but back-to-back. Which meant, when I had two no-shows in the first round, and one in the second, that I was judging and changing rooms constantly from 8:30 til about 1:30pm. Good thing I scarfed down the quiche. When I got back to the judges lounges, there was still chili left, so I had a nice lunch. Then I got picked to judge in the finals for solo acting.

All of my rounds were a close call on talent; we had a batch of really great kids. In solo acting, all three of us were disappoint to have to DQ our first place pick, based on her being over on time.

I had predicted to Flar that I'd be worthless after the tournament, but I didn't expect to fall asleep as soon as I ate my dinner. I fixed a chili omelet for dinner when I got home around 6:30, then read LJ & email. I was getting a bit sleepy, so I napped in my chair. Apparently, while I was sleeping, Flar joined me in the family room, and read his book to my snores. I woke up around 10:30, and moved to bed to sleep for the night.

On the bright side, I was well rested when my alarm went off this morning. :)

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This is interesting to me. I competed in several of those categories in high school and I've never known anyone who was a judge for them.

The judges appear to be made up of coaches, parents, and former high school competitors. Our coach made a pretty good pitch, asking for parent judges, at the beginning of the year.

Neat. I always enjoyed competing. Extemp was my specialty.

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