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I took Dizzy to the vet this morning, and the reason that she's been limping the last few weeks is arthritic knees. That also goes to explain why it's sometimes worse that others. The vet gave me an anti-inflammatory to give her for pain, and a glucosamine type drug.

Scotties are such sweet dogs, with nary a complaint about pain - except for the yelps over acute pains like a stepped-on tail. Dizzy was happy to go in the car, happy to "gossip" in the yard, and even sniffed other dogs in the office, instead of starting fights. She refused to limp until after we made the decision to take x-rays, and she enjoyed waiting for them to develop, since it meant concentrated petting time.

Scheduling her appointment for first thing in the morning was great -- Critter held Flood for me, while I put Dizzy on the leash and left for the vet. Flood really can't stand being left out.

It's quite cold this morning - my car says 18°F; my widget says 11°F. Windchill is even colder. The radio reports no precipitation, but there are tiny flakes in the air.

I've got a nail appt. this morning, and then time for a nap before I pick up Tigger and take him for tutoring. I worked last night, and only got about 4 hours sleep before I had to get up.
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