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Year End Finances

Well, that wasn't nearly as painful as I tried to make it. Honestly, waiting until the evening of the 30th, to get started?

I mean, I almost caught up before I went to CA. But then the banking computers didn't want to talk to me, so I stuck a fat file folder into my laptop case, and resolutely ignored it throughout my vacation. Sigh.

Then, when I got home, there was a week of mail to sort through, and well, I let it accrete, rather than tucking into all of it. I enjoyed the ramp up to Christmas with Mom, instead.

Okay, one excuse was waiting for big fat checks, but those got deposited the day after Christmas. By then, I was just in the holiday malaise of not wanting to tackle anything immense or complicated. Meanwhile, the mail pile accreted more. It managed to completely camouflage one present, in fact.

So I pulled an all-nighter last night. We had enough money to swing a (small, but next year!) check to Quest, some other charity giving, all the bills due before the end of the year... I'm officially caught up with mail and bills and reporting to start the new year! And, there's still money in the bank. Yay.

And there's (barely) less than a legal-by-letter-sized milk crate of filing. Could be worse. ;) Time to buy fetching new file folders to start the new year out with shiny new labels.

Now for the signing and the licking and the stuffing and the mailing. 10 to mail, 2 to hold (I dislike printing partial sheets of checks), and all the rest was done electronically.

Tonight, we're having a casual get-together with Ro and Knight and Star and She_ and KyRed and her crew. I suppose I should clear sitting space again, and maybe tackle the kitchen. After I drop the bills at the post office, and deposit a paycheck.
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