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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Christmas Morning
Assorted presents filling the image.

Heh. Mom and I set the oven to bake the Bubble loaf from 9-9:30, which would have given us 8 hours of sleep after our late night activities. We were all in the Christmas room ready to dig into our stockings by 8:17 (according to the digicam).

The boys got a haul; the rest of us got generous helping of fun, as well. Flar chuckled at the no-spill feature of the travel crock pot; Critter was blown away by getting a laptop; Tigger could remember anyone else picking out their own prezzies during shopping, except his own - which all surprised him. Flar cried over giving Tigger his first chef's blade. He does that with important gifts.

Mom got me a nifty green sleep shirt, a snowflake turtle neck shirt, and a lavender, chenille, zippered cardigan. Flar and Critter bought me a universal remote, which Critter programmed. Tigger made me art-in-a-chinese-take-out-box. Critter and Grandaddy bought me a dish to hold cleaning stuff next to the sink, and loaded it with flyers for where to order a replacement beater for the kitchen-aid, a gift-card for Bed, Bath and Beyond, and putty. Mom and Dad got me pretty ear-buds with a leatherette case (shades of Allen Sherman). Mom made fleece blankets for me and the boys.

There was muchly other goodness, and we were done opening prezzies, eating Bubble Loaf and drinking egg nog in time to wire up the Wii before noon. I've got all the paper already tucked away in boxes ready to take away Friday, and the prezzie arranged in place for individuals to put away. We're about to put together the fluff and pack up the car to go to Bébé and Scarlett's.

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I've heard other people call it monkey bread. It's made by making a sweet yeast dough, rolled into small balls. After the first rising, the balls are rolled first in melted butter, then in brown sugar-cinnamon. The balls are placed in a bundt pan, along with cherries and chopped pecans. When it's baked, it forms a loaf of pure sweet stickiness, which can be eaten by pulling apart handsful.

I've lost the original recipe, so I'm still guessing at proper baking time. This year, I put the silicon bundt pan into an insulated cake pan for balance on the oven rack. Unfortunately, that altered the cooking temp for the cake, as it didn't get the air circulation through the center that would ordinarily occur. Also, the bottom got too browned.

I think I had the time and temp right, though. Next year: foil over the pan; use the pizza pan with holes in it to balance the pan; stick with the medium brioche recipe, as that was the perfect amount of dough for the pan. (suitable for a 1 pound loaf bread machine)

Oh, and we used dark, tart pitted cherries canned in juice, instead of maraschino cherries, and they were lovely bits of flavor.

Interesting, not sure I've heard of that one.

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