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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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And the kitchen was trashed in the wee hours of 'morn...
I'm thinking sugarplums made a lot less mess in the kitchen. ;)

The stockings are stuffed. The extra presents I found still unwrapped are wrapped under the tree. The gift I forgot to make is made (and Daddy enjoyed watching me make it) and wrapped.

Christmas Eve Dinner was delicious and enjoyable and we even fit all of us in the Christmas room -- our most crowded room is the library, and now it's filled with presents and the tree, and yet we fit all nine of us in there after dinner. Tomorrow morning, it will feel roomy.

When I pulled the frozen dinner rolls out of the fridge to thaw this afternoon, I found out they were just that - ready to bake rolls, not dough. So I pulled out the bread machine and measured the ingredients for a brioche into it. I'll have to remember that it has a higher capacity for dough than for bread, next time I pull that trick.

So, after dinner, and visiting around our tree, and waving bye to the in-laws, and opening our Christmas Eve presents (pajamas all around), Mom and I went to work in the kitchen. The dough was still resting (rising, proofing?) in the machine, so I finished the wrapping and made the present first. After that, I put together the spice cake for baby Jesus. The microwave was just the right temp for yeast dough to rise, so after I kneaded in some more flour into the far too soft dough, I put the balls of dough into the microwave to rise.

While the dough was rising, I mixed up the cream cheese frosting for the cake, then filled all the stocking with gifties and tootsie rolls. Mom and Dad had already tackled the stockings before I got to them. We have nice sturdy stockings that can take the load, and cup-hooks screwed into the under-side of the mantel.

Putting together the Bubble Loaf is always messy, but it looks like this year's bread will be nice and yummy. We used dark, tart cherries in juice, rather than marachino cherries, and only sprinkied pecans between the top two layers, and on the bottom. We've got the oven set to bake from 9-9:30, when we should be up and around to check on its progress.

I went pretty simple with the decorating for the spice cake. I went with "Happy Birthday Jesus" instead of spelling out 2007 in stars as bases for candles. There was room for one or the other. Instead, we've got the candle that plays Happy Birthday.

And now for bed.

Merry Christmas one and all!

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Baking Jesus a birthday cake is so neat. I've never known anyone to do that. Sounds yummy.

This will be the first year we've done it. I'm thinking of adding it as one of our traditions. :)

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