Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
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Faith in 2008

This is my entry for LJ Idol, Topic 8: What the New Year Will Bring

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. &dagger

What the New Year Will Bring

Not might, not could, not perhaps or perchance. What Will.

Since I cannot see into the future, and can only factually predict a small amount, it is with faith that I see the year playing out in front of me.

Factual predictions:

Critter will graduate from high school, spend his last summer at home with family, and matriculate at Rice University in Houston in the fall.

Tigger will continue to work hard in school, succeed amazingly at balancing the hard work with play, and continue to startle us with his unique perspectives.

Flar will continue to work hard on business opportunities, providing well for all of us, travel on business and pleasure to Brazil and Dubai and probably other destinations.

I will continue to cycle between productive/organized and procrastinating/slothful.

Faithful knowledge:

2008 will see God work in my marriage to bring Flar and I closer together; to return lost intimacy and connection.

2008 will see God lead me out in His plan for me, placing leaders in my life who will challenge and grow me.

2008 will see God support me through the significant lifestone of my first child leaving home.

2008 will see God use me, use my family, and use my church to bring Glory to Him.

God will be with me in 2008 through good times and bad. What bigger shoulder could I ask for?

Exciting Opportunities:

My mother will celebrate her 70th birthday in the same month that she and Daddy will have been married 50 years.

We hope to travel as a family to China in the summer, to visit my brother and his wife, and to see some of the country.

We hope to reduce our current debt level, as well as possibly finish the remodelling of our home, if any of Flar's "big" projects come through.


Is it the loss of intimacy, is it the years of witnessing my fragile emotional state? He didn't share this with me. Which also means it's second-hand, and something I really need to discuss with him.

Flar told Mom that this may be his last Christmas. How's that for a response to how are you really feeling? I mean, I know the numbers. And I'm witnessing the fatigue and the pain and the illness. But he puts up a brighter face for me.

Out of the blue Daddy asks me, what would it take to get back in the programming field? OMGnoI'mnotreadytodaceit!

But I will have God with me no matter what fears bring into the new year.

And, there'll be a kitten someday.

I can wait til after 2008 for the kitten. Hear me?

† Hebrews 11:1
Tags: faith, fear, hope, lj idol
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