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Placeholder; and catching up.

I just got caught up on Live journal, so I have to write something, right?


Got up in time to take Tigger and Critter to the bowling alley. Critter walked Tigger in, and I drove around in the parking lot for the car care clinic. Need to get my oil changed -- will do that on Friday, which will also top off my tires and other fluids, and get my serpentine belt replaced. Gotta call around and get pricing on that first. Oh, and I've got a rear parking light out.

Which put me home in plenty of time to bake brownies for the picnic and pack. But I was still half an hour late leaving -- even though Kittybane and Starmaiden and Pengie showed up exactly when we'd agreed. Sigh.

Once I was on the road, I was feeling tired from not enough sleep the night before, and from being sick, and from running late -- that always makes me feel tired. When I called to let Wolf and Sydb know that I was on my way, Wolf agreed that it would be best for me to meet them at the picnic, and then mentioned wanting to go to Home Depot. I ended the conversation grumpily, and then ended up calling back, as the prospect of more driving, in separate cars, made me more upset than one would expect. Looking back, I decided it was being sick and being tired. I was more tired than I knew.

The picnic was small and short, but I enjoyed talking to Lady A, and Lebif fixed me two cheeseburgers, which I devoured. I guess Lucky Charms and brownie batter weren't sufficient to the day.

After we got home, I laid down to take my eardrops, after establishing with Sydb that (a) it would mean I couldn't hear awhile and (b) that it wouldn't be a problem for me to nap. I took a book, but ended up dropping off to sleep almost right away. I woke to Wolf snuggling me. I was disoriented and felt isolated from being half-asleep, sick, and not being able to hear, but it was good snuggle time.

If I hadn't been able to nap, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the munch. The food was good -- but I gotta say, I think I prefer Bearno's pizza after it's been reheated in the microwave -- the crust is a bit tough when it's fresh. I was very surprised that so many people remembered me from the few times I've made it to the munch. Perhaps I should try to attend more often than once a year?

I think the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday counts are Sunday. I took eardrops before laying down, and either something broke loose (this was a one-time event), or I lay with my had ear up for too long, but whatever the cause, I ended up waking up all three of us with a sinus-drip cough. Sydb went downstairs to read email, and Wolf cuddled me, then used a tried and true method of putting me to sleep.

Sunday morning I got to sleep late. I don't even remember Wolf and Sydb getting up to feed Roo. After we were all the awake, I made omelets and Wolf made strawberry muffins for breakfast. The omelet pan is one of three really cheap non-stick skillets I bought when I was staying there over the summer, and it's managed to pick up a few scratches, but it still works just fine as regards not-sticking. Now if I can just get better at adjusting the flame...

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, and it was really great. Wolf went out for supplies -- mostly light bulbs. Flyrod's daughter A came over from church -- she's cleaning houses to make money for college. She worked in the bathroom while I tackled the dishes and Sydb worked on the kitchen table. Sydb definitely got the hardest job. I called dibs on dishes before A got a chance at it, and when she was done in the bathroom, she helped me -- rinsing and drying the dishes, so that I never had to stop washing until they were all clean. Cool!

Wolf worked on adjusting their rooftop antenna, but unfortunately, the adjustment didn't stay effective. Flar speculates that Wolf's body was affecting the harmonics of the antenna. So Sydb, you can just get Wolf to stand on the roof for you to watch Angel and Smallville. :)

I had enough time after washing dishes to bathe (it takes less time without shampooing) and pack, and then it was time to head back to Lexington. It turns out I didn't have to cook for the boys: Kittybane and Starmaiden and Pengie took them out for dinner, and were still gone when I got home.

Even though I was delayed by Keeneland traffic. Grrr. I planned ahead on my trip out of town -- went straight to the interstate instead of using US 60 -- it didn't occur to me that there would be traffic on my return, as well.

I finished reading Prince Caspian to the boys, and started in on Dawn Treader. By the time they were headed to bed, I was ready to turn in myself.


I got the boys to school nice and early, then headed over to Knight's, to watch Angel. I've decided that it's less disruptive to the boys if I watch TV while they're at school. Which means that Knight's taught me how to operate the PVR remote, since I'll be watching Buffy by myself tomorrow morning, and Angel by myself next Monday.

Flar got home from the airport not long after I got home, so I talked to him until it was time for him to go to Rotary. I ate lunch, hung out with Flar some more, and then went to pick up the boys. I otherwise spent my time feeling sick and headachy.

I made a yummy cheesy potato soup for dinner, using butter, flour, milk, frozen diced potatoes, garlic pwder, onion salt and a little worcestershire sauce. Oh, and a pound of velveeta for the cheesy part. We had a round loaf of rye, so I made a bread bowl for Matt out of it, and then ate the inside of the bowl part with my soup. Buttermilk biscuits for the boys. We watched Clockstoppers, and then I read more Dawn Treader to the boys. After they were in bed, I settled in to bed to read until it was time for my eardrops.

The dogs were unsettled yesterday. Flar being home changes the routine, and I didn't give Flood couch time in the middle of the day. She ended up being very active after dinnertime, misbehaving in ways she just doesn't ordinarily do anymore. It was frustrating, as Flar really doesn't like her and was just pointing out all his reasons. Grr. Today she's being a perfect angel, curled up on the couch while I'm typing this. Of course, while Flar's not in the room.

Which brings us to today.

I weighed in officially this morning. Another step in a gradual approach to first controlling and then reducing my weight, but more importantly, getting more fit. I've been excused from exercising until I'm well, but meanwhile I'm recording everything I eat. And weighing myself on Tuesdays. Eventually I'll start calculating calories again and then start refulating how many calories I take in. Specifics are for another post, I think.

I bowled in the Tuesday Tigers this morning. Grace couldn't be there -- her morning was too hectic to get to bowling. Which means we had her great average, and I bowled over average every game, and Knight bowled over for the day. We took 3 points out of 4. We'd have taken 4, but the other team effectively scored 48 points in the last frame: the first player bowled six strikes in the last four frames; the second was working two strikes, and make a spare and more. I had a strike in the 9th frame, but we were behind by 33 points by the time I got up to bowl (last), which meant I'd need a strike to be able to win it. So I don't feel too shabby about that loss.

After I got home from bowling, I had lunch and caught up on live journal. Now it's time to go pick up the boys, then I've got an eye exam. Flar said he'd fix dinner, after which I can catch up on email and hotsync my PDA. Then I'll be done catching up, and I can start in on this week. :)

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