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Why you won't see much of me for a bit

I'm pushing the envelope on sleep tonight, but I won't be online a whole lot for the next week. Besides the usual suspects for keeping me busy this time of year, and even on top of LJ-Idol, I've got a great opportunity that's going to be a huge time sink.

I've been invited to transcribe sermons so that they can be translated. A man at Quest, J, is returning to India on the 28th He will be taking with him materials for his brother, who has just purchased a TV station broadcasting in the southern part of India. It is a Christian station, and J is bringing him the DVDs of the Revolution series at Quest. My transcriptions of these sermons will be used to make translations into the language in which they are broadcasting. (One of the 20 other languages spoken in India, in addition to Hindi.)

I typed up about 3:30 minutes tonight, and estimate a ratio of 10 minutes transcription time to one minute of speaking. I'm hoping to improve that as I get used to it, but no matter what, it will take some time to get this done.

I'm really excited about the opportunity to be part of this project. I'm told that since the station has started broadcasting, they have risen to the top viewership among 200 channels, reaching an estimated 8 million people.

But now, some well-needed sleep.

ETA: It helps tremendously that we have finished our Christmas shopping, and that over half the presents are already wrapped.
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