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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Our front hall is filling up with santa deliveries, and I've been too busy to wrap them.. I got my shinies from dr_nebula, which I'll be wrapping up for Critter.

I'm toddling off to the ear doctor today, and pairing the day out with any left-over errands. We're going to try to hit the worst spots while school is still in session. Tigger gets out at 2:30 today, and then has an appt at 4, so we'll be orbiting central Lexington while we execute our shopping list. :)

Critter is home from school today on account of waking "up this morning to a rousing 4-puke chord." He haz a bukkit (it's purple!), and bouillon, coke, water and club crackers (I didn't see saltines in the cabinet). Daddy is on Critter-call, staying home while Mom and I roam the city.

Gotta remember to put lasagne ingredients on the list.

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Did you sneak a peak at the SHINYS?


Not yet, but that is certainly my plan. And, to justify my plan, I shall be selecting one of the shinys to use to print a custom envelope for the disk. :)

Go to either the Hetlage or Holzer directories for wallpaper color shinys. Or you might wish to use one of the high-resolution lunar images.

Thanks for the advice. I know he'll really like the shinys.

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