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Mondays are for cleaning up after the weekend.

My housekeeper is here, being all quiet like a church mouse. The bathrooms are already clean, and she's starting the floors by mopping the kitchen. I've got laundry to sort and start, and mail to tackle, then Quicken. Mom and Dad slept in this morning, but they'll be up soon. I like this quiet part of the day.

I'm opening up however many pages it will take to catch up on my friends view; I also still have 13 LJ Idol entries to read. These will provide me with break-time entertainment while I work today.

I also still have suitcases to unpack from the weekend. I want to be completely caught up by the end of the day, so I'll feel free to work on the next LJ Idol topic, as well as have a good amount of time to devote to a transcription project for church. There is an individual returning to India on the 28th who is involved with a start-up Christian broadcast back home. I've been invited to transcribe Pete's sermons from the Revolution series, so they can be translated for use on the new channel. I'm really excited to be offered this opportunity to be part of spreading God's word.

And oh yeah, need to call the ear doctor. Stupid ear.
Tags: cleaning, ear, transcription

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