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The state of the me

All things considered, I will take a drippy nose over a drippy ear any day of the week.

Except maybe today, when I have a baking party planned, the pain has ebbed, and I realize that a drippy nose would affect baking and a drippy nose will not.

Flar gave me one of his silly pills (of the lesser, take instead of aspirin variety, not the sillier pills, of the aren't these abused in Eastern KY? variety), so I slept well. My ear is still drippy, but not particularly itchy or painful.

I've only two more items on my Christmas shopping list, as well as a few items on my errand list, for tomorrow. I'm also planning to call my ear doctor and see how soon I can get an appointment. Stupid ear.
Tags: ear, whining

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