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My firstborn is going to Rice University

Critter got his emailed acceptance today. I gave him his first owl, a blue toned blown glass owl that I found in a boutique on the harbor in Dana point. I dug it out of my suitcase when Critter brought the letter in to show me. He then proceeded to credit my confidence in him for his acceptance. I rather credit his sunny personality, stellar academic record, and amazing letter of recommendation from his English teacher.

We have a very busy day planned.

Currently the boys are clearing brush on the apple hill, preparatory to digging the hole for Ouchie to be buried.

Flar is interviewing prospective carpooling material for Critter. (Flar is a regional interviewer for Rice and a fellow TLS alum is applying.)

Tigger has a bar mitzvah to attend at 2pm.

We're going Yamamoto to celebrate Critter's acceptance at Rice.

Critter has a birthday party to attend at 7pm.

Tomorrow, I'm working KQJr for the 11:55a service at church. We haven't talked about whether we're going to be at church for the 10:22a service or what. Then we have the baking party from 2p to 10p.

Okay, a very busy weekend.

And, Critter wants to get a real tree, and we need to put it up and decorate it soon, as Mom and Dad brought enough presents to fill the space underneath it.

Meanwhile, I woke up with a sinus headache from all the climate and pressure changes over the past 24 hours.
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