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Next time, we pick a resort with "shore" in the name, rather than "cliffs."

Oh, the climb isn't so very bad, and it's good for the both of us to get the exercise. But, hiking down to the harbor or up to the PCH is non-trivial effort. Go us, for walking back, instead of calling for a taxi. :)

Today was my very first ever mud wrap, first ever Vichy shower, first ever steam bath. Very very nice. I'm thinking of getting Flar a table-top face steamer for his birthday, now that I've experienced how wonderful it was to breathe in the moist air. (He can't take anti-inflammatories or sudafed for sinus headaches, so he often resorts to hot steamy showers.)

Ro and I had the same treatments today, one after the other, and then sat in the steam room, sauna and jacuzzi together. It was very relaxing.

We hiked up to the PCH for dinner at a Chinese restaurant tonight, and shared War Won Ton Soup, Crab Rangoon and Garlic Chicken. The hot tea had tea leaves in it, and mine resolved down into a miniature of one of the saint-nooks (or shrines, or whatever they're actually called) in the gardens at Mission San Juan di Capistrano.

We each finished our LJ Idol posts today, and tonight we played Take Six. Ro was so cute. "I might even let you win." As if I'd have half as much fun that way. ;)

Catchin' up on LJ and chillin. Tomorrow we go whale watching.
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