Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
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Oh yeah, my day.

So, you know that thing that happens when you make a doctor's appointment, and then your body immmediately starts acting better, in hopes of avoiding the appointment?

Well, woo hoo, this time I won. Well, yeah yesterday I was beginning to consider cancelling the appointment. But this morning, it was back to almost constant unbearable itching, punctuated by very infrequent, stabbing pains. So I was looking forward to getting it looked at and fixed.

Banana pancakes for breakfast for the boys; school drop-off early; back home for Lucky Charms followed by email. Got a note from Dreamer; we don't exchange email regularly, but I'd just been thinking about him the other day. Seems he's getting married in April, and wanted to give us long enough notice to be able to make travel plans. The date coincides with one end of Spring Break, so we might get to go. I wrote him a letter bringing him up-to-date on us, that sort of Christmas annual style thing.

Then it was time to go the doctor. I've no idea where my checkbook is. Probably in that mass of mail that I still haven't finished filing. Sigh.

Yep. Yet Another Outer Ear Infection. Oral Cipro, Cipro drops, and a promise of fitting for a custom earplug when I'm well. My ear really doesn't like to get wet. The vaccuuming really left me dizzy this time. Walked very carefully out to the car.

At CVS, I also picked up some vitamins, and had fun browsing the card section.

At home I had time for lunch and a phone call with Turnip. It turns out that I didn't leave my jacket in his apartment after all. I hung it in my closet before I checked my suitcase for it. Brain like a steel sieve.

So, the Night's Dawn trilogy that Turnip loaned me, that I just finished reading, has possession as a big part of its plot. Possession that is, of a body by an additional soul. It turns out that having just read the series, and possession being a hmm, currently accessed topic ...

It made discussing how vampirism is treated in Buffy really kind of cool.

So, in Buffy, the vampires are actually bodies that are occupied by Demons. Part of the vampire-making process kills the original occupant, and send that soul off to after-life soul type places. Which means the Demon isn't so much possessing the body, as outright stealing it. The demon has access to all the memories and skills of the previous owner of the body, as such is imprinted on the biological unit, in the brain and such.

But in the case of Angel, whose soul got returned, he's still a vampire. And he occasionally has problems with his "grr" side taking over. Which means that the demon is still in there, too. Which means, technically, that Angel's soul is possessing the vampire.

I just got through watching all of Season 2, and the bits where Angelus tells Dru and Spike about when he had the soul, rings true of a mind trapped away in a body being possessed by a different controlling entity. Kind of cool to see the series in the light of the concept of possession.

Okay, enough Buffy geeking. But it was a fun discussion.

Got to school barely in time for chess club, and then tonight was Fall Festival at the school, so we were there until 7pm, when my gig working the big blow-up slide was over.

We went from the school to the movie theatre, to watch opening night of Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie. Okay laugh, but it was fun. And I want the soundtrack CD. For one song.

And I still want all the Goldfish commercials, but I've only been able to find the lyrics online. Sigh.

Home again, to give the dogs some outside time and couch time before bed. Computer weirdness slowed me down a bit, so now I'm off to bed.

  • Bowling in the morning, with a car care clinic on-site for a free car checkup
  • Gotta remember to get cash -- I borrowed from Critter for movie money
  • Make Brownies for the picnic
  • pack
  • Drive to Louisville
  • Poly Picnic, avoiding the sun as much as possible
  • BDSM munch, the LousivilleMunchBunch version that I rarely attend, but it's the five year anniversary, and this'll be the first munch I get to attend with Wolf; it'll be cool to go with Master. :)
  • Spend the night with Wolf and Sydb


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