Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

First Sentence Meme

(First meaningful sentence of each month)

Jan 2 - Today was an aggressive program of rest.

Feb 2 - Last Wednesday, when even Fayette County cancelled classes and Sayre didn't, then it didn't snow, we tried to figure out the last time school was cancelled for real snow.

Mar 4 - Tigger won his first game -- against a 7th grader!

Apr 7 - I've been following spydielives's progress in LJIdol.

May 2 - This week, a deep black hole, apparently.

Jun 4 - I usually don't do tag-lists but for Knight, I'll make an exception.

Jul 3 - We had beautiful outdoor event weather on Saturday night.

Aug 3 - This is what happens when the vacation is all-engaging.

Sep 4 - My laptop is in Kenwood again.

Oct 2 - Flar, Critter and Tigger made me a cake for my birthday.

Nov 1 - We've gotten the Tempur-pedic mattress, and it's difficult to resist.

Dec 1 - I responded to laurelian's PIF post, so here is mine:
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