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We iz arrivn.

Und dinner it eez pricey here.

I got a grand total of 3.5 of sleep this morning, and I was awake before Knight called me to warn that he was on the way. I was really only delayed in leaving when I remembered that I'd promised to say goodbye to everyone before leaving. I thought I would hug Flar goodbye in bed, but he actually got up to give me a solid hug. Critter opted for saying goodbye over the phone (I called, instead of climbing the stairs). Tigger was still up, and announced to other sleepers-over, that it was just breaking dawn. He came and gave me a nice hug good-bye.

Knight drove me over to their house, where he loaded up Ro and her luggage, then we took off for the airport. Our flight to Detroit was on an itty plane that gate-checked our bags. I suppose the flight was okay - I slept through it.

We had a decent amount of time in Detroit, enough to get bagels on our journey from one concourse to another. Our plane boarded on time, but then we sat for about an hour waiting for a repair, and then de-icing. But we *didn't* get stuck behind any sort of winter weather fronts, so yay!

Our driver met us at the foot of the escalator to baggage claim, with a cart. He wrangled our bags for us, then drove us to Dana Point, via Newport Coast, then Laguna Beach.

The resort is verra nize. We've got a really great rate thanks to Knight, so I can't complain too much about the prices in the restaurant and mini-bar. ;) We took a look at the menu in the restaurant and decided to opt for appetizers and soup for dinner, which was in fact quite filling.

Tomorrow, we have spa treatments reserved at 11am, so we're getting breakfast in the room at 9am. The coolest part of choosing a western locale for the spa vacation is the advantage of the time zone -- getting up at 9 will be like sleeping til noon. :)

Now just vegging with TV and the internet.
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