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Little jolt there

Now there's a wake-up jolt. Just as I was re-thinking the whole idea of doing offline stuff, too...

So it started when I woke up my laptop after getting home from a long day. Finished reading the email I'd downloaded before leaving the house, composed a reply, then went over to the browser to look up something online before finishing.

Site not found. Hmm, oh, I'd misread the URL. Try again. Still not found. Strange. Take a look at google instead. Not Found. Okay, something wrong with the DNS. It's late. I'll just do some offline stuff and go on to bed.

Installed Codewarrior. Gonna see about dabbing around with making some screens for an application I'd like...

Then remembered that Norton had complained about some kind of directory error on the latest scan, and heck, why not fix the harddrive while I'm sitting around net-blind?

Took forever. But it appeared happy about the work it'd done, except, hmm. It didn't write a report? Weird. Ah well, back to Code Warrior.

Um, where are the files on the desktop?

Um, why is the harddrive icon blinking?

Er.... Dire warnings from Finder about shutting down, when there doesn't appear to be any system file on the startup drive.

.... getting a bit nervous now.

Norton's 3.5 disk didn't like the idea of playing with the harddrive. Claimed it's not an HFS drive. 4.0 is installed on the drive that may have just gotten wiped somehow. I think 6.0 is lying around somewhere...

But it all boils down to, I'm either fried and need a pro, or not.

So I used the hardware power-off sequence, waited a bit, then started it.

Norton's 3.5 is also inappropriate for booting this particular laptop. Ejected the disk, tried again.

Happy Mac.

That little icon has been around since the first little beige number with the integrated monitor, floppy drive and system in that snazzy box with the RJ-11 jacked mouse and keyboard. But occasionally, one re-learns to appreciate the everyday.

And lo and behold, my laptop is free of harm.

Not sure exactly what magic Norton's did, in order to do repairs on a startup disk. But I'll have to remember that the aftermath does a great imitation of scary.

Oh, that DNS problem? Turned out the router got confused during the dregs of Lili passing through, and needed rebooting. Systems programmer approach to hardware: turn it off, wait a bit, turn it on. Works a charm.

At least I fixed the net connection for Kittybane and Critter and Tigger to use tomorrow. Not like I have a bunch of spare time for reading live journal after all of that.

Ah well.

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