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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Post Script to AC thingie
I changed my journal default back to none, so I can read my journal (friends-view) from my phone. Not only with Blazer/LJ not properly log me in, it also won't take me clicking "I'm over 14". Sigh. Just means having to remember to set the option for those entries which actually DO contain Adult Concepts.

This is of course, deferring to LJ's definitions. While I personally think that the topics that fill my journal on an everyday basis - those of managing an adult life, like errands, finances, chores, etc - are quite adult. But then, I probably have different views on what under 14's are mature enough to read. blah blah blah

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I agree with your definition of "adult"

A 14 year old would probably run screaming from my journal in boredom!

Pfft. I think with regards to "adult concepts," LJ can suck it. Friends-locking and judicious use of filters is plenty. *sigh*

Amen to that. That is really the thing that gets to me most, most of the time -- I had friends (on my other journal) whose "adult concepts" posts were friends locked and filters, and it still didn't matter ... what LJ really needs to do is go look at some of what people who're under 17 or under 18 deal with, and how much "life experience" most of them have, and then put their "adult concepts" filters in eggs and suck 'em.

I agree, your public entries tend to be G rated. Or even B (boring to children), which mine are as well. I am not using a filter rating. Anything racey, I would put in a friends only filter...I also don't think it would permenently damage a 12 year old to see the word f**k or s**t...but if I use this language, I would friends lock it.

I think the filter thing is mostly useless anyhow. Even a ten year old is savy enough to create a fake journal with a fake BD to see all the "good" stuff....

I like the idea of letting people censor thenselves rather than another force doing it...but I already do this with a friends lock, you know??


I don't like this filter thing one bit. I haven't really had any run ins with it, but I also am 23 and I try not to cohort with under 14ers. My sister is 18 and probably the youngest person I talk to. haha

just another way for the man to hold us down. lulz

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