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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Ooh, a poll!
Sexy Christmas
Last year was the first year we sent out Christmas Cards after a long hiatus. This year, we're going to send a Christmas Letter with the cards. But no hurry, since we're waiting until after December 15 to finalize the letter. Since I've got the time, a poll!

Poll #1098678 Christmas Card Poll

Would you like a Christmas Card?

No, and please take me off your list if you were planning on it.
Yes, but only if you were already planning on it.
Yes, and here is my contact information, in case you don't have it.
Not really, but if you were planning to send me one, I won't be offended.
Rule #6

Please enter your physical mailing address if you'd like a card.

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I've misplaced your card from last year and have you on our holiday card list. Which means that unless I can find the poll I did last year with the addresses, I'm missing your address. Could you e-mail it to me, or to Cayne so I can address your card?

No problem; it's winging its way to you as I write this.

Well, since we've already exchanged addies, you know I want a card! :D

Yeppers. And you know you'll get one. ;)

Be sure to fill out mine if you haven't already.

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