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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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It's Voting Time Again
LJ Idol
Once again, it's time to step up and vote in the LJ Idol competition.  There are some absolutely great writers participating;  I'd like to draw your attention to the following entries, along with my tickler notes that I used to remember which entry was which:

Tribe 1:

  1. Naamaire
    "Barukh attah Adonai eloheynu melekh ha'olam"
  2. BlackFroggy
    Thanks for God
  3. Mezzominty
    humor with lepers

Tribe 2:

  1. Tulip in Yellow
    Picture journal of a road traveled
  2. LilErthwake
    peanut butter
  3. A-Singularity
    you surely would have remembered my silence
  4. NewSong
    Luke 18
  5. MonkeySugarMama
    kindness of strangers
  6. TeenOnFire4Lord
    engagement story
  7. Elva Undine
    White Stone; journal as altar
  8. Controlld Chaos
    Brooklyn Tamata with a Switchblade

Tribe 3:

  1. Beldar
    writing thank yous; giving thanks - recognition later; did JC hate writing them too?
  2. 40sw
    "Apparently thanking him was more acceptable than loving him."
  3. N DecisiveN Decisive, part 2
    dates in a hook, reeled in with a bouncing tennis ball
  4. KittenBoo
    wispy hair blowing in the breeze - hold time still for mama
  5. Mme Furiosa
    Stop.  Rewind.  Fast forward.
  6. Roina Arwen
    spark, ember, flame
  7. SushiMustWrite
    Today it's rain.
  8. Spydielives
    Grace, doubt, be, discern, praise, thanks
  9. Rosepurr
    2003 was a bad year
  10. PuppetMaker40
    Thanks a F*king lot
  11. Dubheach
    A pause before her growing family parts ways
  12. WildCatWrites
    when butterflies dance on the air that carries honeysuckle scents
  13. Tryslora
    Her boo who tried to kill her

Please vote for me, if you think my entry is worthy.  I'm still in the second tribe (although some of the tribe membership *has* moved around a bit).  Click on the banner to get to the poll.  And remember, you can vote for as many people as you like.  Vote for me, and consider voting for the other wonderful writers you'll find there. Voting closes tomorrow, 27 November, at 1pm EST.

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It's great to have the bye available, isn't it? I'm hanging on to mine until I need really them. :)

You're welcome. I loved how you showed that even a bad year can give us opportunity to be thankful.

I am very thankful that it's over. ;)

Thanks for the mention! You gmv too!

You're welcome. It was a lovely story.

I'm grinning! I like it when people say nice things about the stuff I write!

Thanks very much for the reccomendation, I greatly appreciate it!

Wow. Thanks so much for letting me know that you liked my entry. I haven't done this writing thing in some time and it makes me smile to know that I'm entertaining you *huge smile*

So yeah, you rock.

Thanks for the rec - I liked many of the same ones. :)

This was a fun topic, wasn't it?

That's the second double take I've had to do today. Mine eyes are deceiving me. But thanks.

I enjoyed your entry, too, but couldn't think of much else to say besides "Hey, I really liked this!" (Isn't that annoying, when you like it but your comment would just be something like that?)

With so many to read, I've been skimpy in commenting, I'm afraid. But I did keep track of what I liked. :)

I was so not into it this week...

Hey, I got your cookies today. Thanks so much!!

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