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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Black Friday, continued.
Critter and Flar returned victorious. Flar is warming up in the jacuzzi right now (something he did on coming home, as well); Critter is still in bed asleep, as is Tigger. Flar says Critter was pleased to buy things for everyone on his list, using money he made tutoring. Way to go!

Flar told me a few more stories about the lines. It seemed that Best Buy's outdoor line control was not as successful this year as in years past -- when the line compressed, many kids took advantage of the turmoil move up from the back of the line to the front. But he says they are even more organized inside than last year, and that has been improved every year. This year, he was buying something in the Magnolia room, so he was able to check out with no wait.

Critter stood in line for a Wii for Tigger over at GameStop, and got the 9th ticket out of 15. Once the tickets were passed out, he got to wait in the warm car with Flar, who had already done the second round of shopping at CompUSA and picked up breakfast.

I think there is something particularly satisfying about getting a whole bunch of holiday and other shopping done so darn early in the morning. I think it must be one of the attractions for Flar. Who, by the way, hates the cold, can't stand waiting in line, and does not ordinary consider shopping to be entertainment. ;)

I slept through Life Group this morning -- I only got 2 hours of sleep and didn't think I should push myself. Now I'm up, I've read halfway through my saved-up LJ Idol reading, and I"m about to get dressed and wake the boys. We're going to join Knight and Ro and others for a viewing of Enchanted, up the street. I might also just peek into Hobby Lobby with Tigger, clutching my 40% coupon and a my $25 Black Friday money from Mom. I think I'm in the mood for more yarn. More watch-caps and scarves sound attractive, and if this sweater for Flood works out, I'll want to make another.

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I'm glad Black Friday was a success for you all. I had never experienced it before this year, and even now I've only done so in an extremely small town. I can't imagine camping out and standing in lines (and getting vouchers!) for the occasion. Definitely get yourself something, I think it was the best thing I did all day. The holidays are hard and I don't give myself nearly enough recognition or praise for making it through the stressful times. Little gifts along the way help.

We all went to see Enchanted this afternoon, and then went shopping at Hobby Lobby. My mom gave us each $25 Black Friday spending money, and I spent all of mine there. I bought supplies for gifts, but I expect to be able to make something for myself, as well.

I tend to lay low on Black Friday. Crowds make me anxious, and I just prefer to buy online anyway. We went to a movie today and then stopped by the grocery store, but I studiously avoided the mall and Walmart.

I didn't know Hobby Lobby had a 40% off coupon though! Thanks for the alert - it expires tomorrow. Perfect!

I'm glad they emerged victorious. That is cool. I hit the grocery store, staples and the movie theater and all was quiet.

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