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Hurry up and wait

That's my day, in a nutshell.

Tigger woke me. Not a good sign, when the wake up call is by telephone, from school, on one of the few days with no after school program. So I rushed out of the house with a shuffle full of french podcasts, a newspaper and my phone.

We got to French tutoring early. While Timothy worked with his tutor, I zipped through all four puzzles in the paper, then all that the paper deems fit to present as news. Just as I was considering organizing my purse for entertainment, Tigger was ready to go.

We had lunch at Joe Bologna's. Timothy didn't remember ever eating there, so I made sure he had the garlic bread as well as the pizza he selected. He ate two ordered of garlic bread, and between the two of us, we ate half the 16" pizza.

Then my chosen path to the therapist was non-ideal, and we got there 15 minutes late. Having used up my reading material, I turned to my phone. The laptop at home was busy gobbling up email, so I read some LJ. I haven't been able to get my phone to log in properly since (1) I got the 680 and (2) LJ changed around the redirecting and cookies. Both happened about the same time, so I've never figured to whom to turn for debugging. Anyway, I tend to use it less for reading LJ, since I miss the locked entries that way.

I had just decided to write a phone entry, and got about ↑ that far, when Tigger was ready to leave.

Then we did the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Tigger and I had made the list during lunch, which included Thanksgiving, cookie swap, and some needed staples. I was dreading Kroger two days before Thanksgiving, but apparently everyone else in town in more sensible than I; the parking lot was about half as full as it would normally be at 5:30pm on a weeknight.

Then I got home to find out that my cookie swap is slightly delayed - I'm getting a different partner, so it'll be fine to make and ship the cookies on Friday instead of tomorrow. I've selected a "chill overnight" recipe, so I can make the dough tomorrow instead of tonight.

The rest of my evening was spent talking with my synergy group, who will be meeting here again next week. Next week: crafts, then jacuzzi. Whee!

I now have enough time to open a bunch of windows, but likely not enough to catch up on reading.
Tags: errands, synergy, thanksgiving

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