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Productive Kin gets Cake

Critter bought Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes yesterday. They come five to a box, so I let Flar decide who should get the fifth cake.

He gave it to me, for cleaning the closet today, and getting more than half the dishes washed, as well.


I also made dinner, which was yummy, except to Tigger's taste buds. But Ouchie enjoyed the scrapings (dogs dying of cancer don't really have to worry about heart disease, y'know?), and Tigger supplemented his dinner with Bagel Bites. He managed to choke down 1.5 tenderloins and about half the rice, which was pretty good, considering his normal record for eating "yucky" food.

We watched Heroes in HD, which around here means Avec Les Annonces, since our local station doesn't offer HD dish upload. Loved the commercial for the Honda Fuel Cell car. Zoned out for most of the others.

I'm knitting a sweater for Flood. Using my trusty Nifty Knitter (Green) and a size J crochet hook. The body of the sweater is a simple stockinette tube with a rolled hem. I'm guessing at where, and how many, stitches to use, to open up leg holes, for sleeves that I'm crocheting. I'm doing the first sleeve now. This is challenging for me, since I generally suck at crocheting yarn. I'm fairly decent at crocheting string, but then it's easier to see where the stitches are.

Pictures to follow, if I make something that Flood can actually wear.

Tomorrow is looking to be a busy day:
  1. Plan shopping list for cookie swap and Thanksgiving
  2. Pick up Tigger by 11:30 sharp -- no after school on half-days
  3. 1-2pm French tutoring for Tigger
  4. 4-5pm Therapy session for Tigger
  5. Grocery shopping two days before Thanksgiving, fun, fun
  6. Pick up L at some point
  7. Synergy with L & S

I should probably figure out something for dinner, if I want to keep earning wiffy points. Oh yeah, and finish up the dishes and laundry and general straightening.

Wednesday, I have the boys at home to clean and decorate for Thanksgiving, and the ham to buy. And baking to do. And shipping.

Thursday, we're doing Thanksgiving here for family, then resting up for Black Friday.

Friday, we're taking down Thanksgiving and pulling out Christmas. And then, I can haz carolz?
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