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Back, in the closet, again.
These are the only boxes & bags I'm keeping.
My box shelf, organized.

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Super organized! Wanna come do my house? :)

If I had the time, I'd love to. It's always easier for me to clean for others, than for myself -- it's less distracting. But alas, time, it is so precious and scarce.

That was fast! The first picture looked pretty scary.

I drilled through it in stages, and even sat down to read in between, which made it easier.

Boxes: I tossed anything used that flattens, anything torn or worn; I kept solid boxes and pretty boxes. I kept new flat boxes, and the prettiest gift bags.

Purses: I was merciless, because I am such a purse-ho. I kept clutches, little bags, medium purses (but only a very few), special purpose bags (a cauldron and a jester bag), and of course my tote size sac-purses, which I pretty live on.

Hats were also tough, but I made it through them.

Still left in the closet is the cedar chest cubby. I want to reorganize this area to more effectively store and display belts, barrettes and scrunchies. I've ideas for these, but no clue about hairbands.

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