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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Slightly longer update.
I'm taking a break from the confines of the closet, and thinking.

I mean taking a break from thinking, that is. Figuring out what to keep and what to toss is hard thinking for me.

I'm all the way caught up in reading my friends view through 12:52 this morning, with forays into LJ Idol directly to ascertain the next topic - The Giving of Thanks, so it's time to make another post and click up another tabset of reading for a reward, then get back to work. :)

The forensics tournament on Saturday was fun. I got to judge broadcast, which I particularly enjoyed, as it includes getting to read along with the script. Heck, that's one of the things I loved about going to Faust when I was in high school - we had the libretto, and I could read along. ;) Critter is getting outside confirmation that he needs to practice his prose more. It hit home when he realized that their team was one place away from team recognition awards, and he got solid last ranking in both rounds of prose.

I didn't get the right sort of rest and nutrition before and through the course of the tournament though, and came home feeling lethargic and hyper at the same time. Decided to give a miss on church in the morning, and I may even have had a 24 hour bug -- I threw up before bedtime, then felt fine. *sigh*

Yesterday I demolished the overhanging dread that had formed from the backlog of mail and bills and assorted paperwork. I have turned it into neat bits and filled envelopes and pile for others in the family, and a somewhat daunting to-be-filed on my desk. There was even a bit of slack in paying bills, although whether it was as great as what Flar was anticipating - we shall see.

What I didn't do yesterday was clear the road block in the walk-through closet or tackle the dishes. Today the closet gets first priority, with more clean laundry as a back-ground task. Tonight, casserole for dinner, and I tackle the kitchen.

Ooh, and making important calls, like letting the plumber know the toilet is Still Running, and reserving ham for Thursday.

And now, back to work,.

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My, you're quite fast! In order to still enjoy the reading of my friends view, I'm filling up my "LJ Idol Recommendations" will all the entries that come across my friends view, for reading after I've written my own. Look for me to comment on yours, sometime after I've written and posted mine.

LOL. I look forward to yours.

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