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A color swap!

Yes, a color swap. I almost missed out on the LJ Idol cookie swap, and Spydie pointed out that I could organize my own. Much as I like cookies, even more so, I love my colors.

So I'm organizing a color swap, for LJ Idol folks and anyone else who expresses interest.

The swap itself:

I will be assigning partners from those who express interest. Once you have been assigned a partner, then get busy. Choose, aquire or create a color to send to your partner. Each of us has our own talents, preferences and strengths. Each of us has our own response to the idea of color. Let your gift express yours.

Let your imagination soar, but try to keep your pocket book in check. This is not about sending people expensive presents. This is about sharing artistic expressions.

Media of your choosing. What color do you want to share?

The logistics & rules: With thanks to gnomeangel

Signup by emailing me,, your lj userid, real name and postal address. I will only share this information with your partner.

Signups will be open for one week.

Next Thursday afternoon, I will pair up participants, post the list to the green room, and email partnering information.

Once you have received your partner, you have two weeks to decide on your color and send it winging off to your partner.

Once you have put your color in the mails, email me to let me know.

Once you receive your color, post about it in the green room. Pictures would be nice, but a good description will have to suffice if you don't have a camera.
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