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Mouse Brains and the Hunt is On!

And no mouse zombies in sight to clean them up for us! (Not sure if mice get mad, so not letting the dogs eat the brains.)

Backing up a bit. Yes, not a humorous fictional entry.

It's mouse season again, but this year's mice seem smaller than they have in the past. Not sure what that means. I saw a tiny in the pantry the other, but the subject of this entry was upstairs last night. Critter was getting ready for bed last night, and when he entered the bathroom, as he swung the door closed behind him, a tiny mouse tried to ran out past him, at the hinge side of the door. In a very unfortunate coincidence of timing, the mouse was trapped between the door and the door jamb. Squished.

Flar and Tigger helped Critter clear away the tiny mouse corpse, but the corpse was not intact. There was a tiny blood spatter on the door, the linoleum inside the bathroom, and the carpet outside the bathroom. Critter cleaned the spatter and was saddened to find a tiny mouse brain lodged in the crevice between the carpet and the linoleum.

Critter was really rattled. He is just not cut out for killing. He draws the line at wasps, but anything larger really bothers him, whether welcome in the house, or not. We talked about it a bit, and he calmed down after a while enough to sleep.

We none of us dislike mice, really. They are cute creatures, with quivery whiskers and soft round ears. Often quite clever in evading traps and the like. But much to our distaste, they are destructive and leave behind messes. The scotties try to keep their incursions to a minimum, but there are occasionally egregious violations which call out for sterner methods. When a mouse ran over my hand one night in bed a few years ago, we banned bed-time snacking and instituted a hunt. When the pantry was overrun, we took action.

It seems that once again, the hunt is on.
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