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Every week should start so nicely

Whee! The main living areas on my house are sparkly clean. The weather is all mild and clear and colorful. I remembered to make phone calls today, and got laundry sorted and started, so I feel all appropriately productive.

But, best of all, roina_arwen had the day off for Veteran's day, and I got to spent most of the day with her. Yay! for Ro time!

(I'm suspecting that she didn't have quite so nice a day, seeing as it involved getting her car towed and buying a new tire, but I'm hoping that copious Minikin time helped ameliorate the troubles.)

Oh, and hey bonus, I had some in-between time handed to me today, and now my car is all cleared out. No more bottles and cans and trash rolling around on the floorboards, and it's back in 4-seater, rather than station wagon mode.

Yay for small pleasures like clean houses and ordinary tasks accomplished.

Ro will have lived for a milestone number of years this coming Christmas Adam, and she has decided that she would like a spa vacation for her birthday. Said vacation being more fun with company, she invited me to tag along. We already have our hotel reservations (courtesy of Knight's awesome employee discount), and nicely low airfare. Knight is going to arrange black car or limo service for us, from the airport to the hotel. Sweet.

Today, we looked through the offerings in the spa, and made reservations for some of the more interesting services. Ro is having a salon day on Monday, while I have a body buff. We're both scheduled for body wraps on Wednesday, including Vichy Showers. There are some week-day specials that we're looking through, and some excursions we want to plan, before we choose the rest of our services.

We are definitely planning on going whale spotting, and visiting San Juan Capistrano (although it will be swallow-free this time of year).

We started the day here, waiting for Alice to show up and clean (I chose downstairs today); then we drove over to IHOP for a late lunch. After that, we picked up TIgger, dropped Ro off at Wal-Mart, and came home.

The house is quiet right now. Flar is working in Louisville today, and he left his phone at home, so I'll get no warning before his return. He usually calls me from the car. Critter has forensics practice after school, then he's tutoring TT in geometry. Tigger and I sat down and discussed his school load when we got home, and the plan we agreed on for tonight began with an hour nap. It's almost time to wake him.

Life is good.
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