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My baby is 18

The surprise party was a smashing success. I felt the whole bit about watching a movie at Knight and Ro's, and then coming over here for dinner was a bit contrived, but we had really succeeded in making Critter think that we'd be doing something on Sunday. So, he was oblivious to any silly comments that Sunny made.

Flar was in charge of getting the house ready for the party. He had the great idea of calling our next door neighbor to get permission to park cars. When we drove up, there were no extra cars in the driveway, so no cause for suspicion that way. Critter had some stuff to bring in from his car, so he came into the house after Tigger and Sunny. Most of Critter's friends from school are on the Forensics team, which means a natural flare for drama. We came in and told them that Critter was following us in, so they actually crouched behind the kitchen table, in order to leap up and yell "surprise!" Critter was satisfyingly surprised, and very obviously pleased that all these people were here to see him. Besides his friends from school, there were all Bébé and Scarlett and Brody and Scooter and Thunder and Ravyn and Ang3la and Freedom and Myrhh.

The kids liked the flash-paper candles on the cake; the ice cream, as usual, was rock hard. Critter made a fun production out of opening his many presents -- he chose the present with the largest bow first, which was the packet containing Selective Service registration information, Voter Registration Card, and Passport renewal application. As he read one of his cards, his teammates congratulated him on holding it like his prose binder. It was fun to have the laughter and noise and silliness.

Yesterday, we spent the bulk of the day in Georgetown for a forensics tournament. Critter competed for the first time: two rounds each in two events. He was even ranked first in the room in one of his rounds of prose. I stayed for the awards ceremony this time, which was entertaining. As I said before, these tournaments are filling rather than draining. coolness

Today, Critter drove me to church and ran errands, than came back for the third service. The plan was for me to work the second service and worship in the third service, but I got swapped out. Then Critter and I went downtown for the Actors Guild production of Hamlet. He gets extra credit in AP English for seeing the play while they're studying it. Now, he's upstairs finishing up the homework related to it. The play was in modern dress with modern props and scenery, but using the original play dialog. The "play" within the play was done as a silent movie instead, which was quite fun.

After the play, we met Flar and Tigger and Ro and Knight and Critter's friend A, who'd missed the party on Friday, for dinner at Yamamoto's. Dinner was yummy, and now I'm writing, then reading in bed, as I feel as if I've been sleepy all day.

Tomorrow, the housekeeper comes back, and Ro and I are getting together for a meal at I-Hop, and to make plans for our spa get-away vacation together.
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