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Temperature rising ..


The good news is that we have the heat.

The aggravating news is that we could have had heat as early as 7pm yesterday. Grr. When I called for the appointment, I was told D would call on his way out. I specified my cell phone, just in case. I stayed home long enough to be late picking up Tigger. Halfway through the day, I called to check, and I was assured that D would call when he was on his way. No calls. None while shopping.

10:30, 11, 11:10, I call back this morning. Much confusion and complacency on the phone. I got a muddled account of D coming out, finding an empty house. He probably did something, no one's clear what, the girl I was talking to appeared to think we had a simple "clean and shake". Uh, no. I wasn't about to turn on the system if the boiler wasn't on yet. Yes, I'm wearing double pants, a sweater, scarf & hat, but no, the temperature in parts of the house is actually high than 50, the presumed "cave-like" temperature in the cellar.

I finally got D on the phone. He had turned the boiler on, checked the two downstairs systems (the upstairs one are accessible via the attic), and "left a note." He was here an hour and a half; most of the time was likely spent on lighting the boiler; some of it was spent determining what's wrong with the humidifier. (Needs a new motor for the pump or fan.) There was no note on either the front or back door -- note must have blown away.

I can understand not wanting to come in the house when it's empty. I can understand not calling before he came -- but not calling when he found the house empty?

It's easier to be happier about all this once the temperature is back up. At least the thermostats are relatively new, so they actually called for heat properly. (They didn't work, a few visits back.)

But, at one point in the first of the conversations with the office, they tried to explain away his not calling because "he's a man -- does your husband call you?" Yes, in point of fact, my husband DOES call me. Twice during this trip to Dubai in fact. ALWAYS when he's on the road home from working in Louisville. Mind you, that's completely irrelevant. D is the owner of this business. In this context, he's not merely a man, he's a businessman. I wasn't given a time to be home; I was given a "we'll call when we're on the way." At this point in the morning, I was under the impression that D had come and left without doing any work. "that's so like a man" That woman needs a reality check.


Meanwhile, I've got the clean laundry folded and put away, and I'm working on emptying out the rest of the dirty laundry sorting baskets. I wrapped Tigger's present for Critter; the first of two Amazon shipments have arrived -- I chose separate delivery, but they're both scheduled for today, after all. The website claimed one of the shipments would delay the other; when I got the est. shipping dates, it wasn't possible to combine them. Growl.

Then there's no excuse left but to work on the stuff-pile behind my chair. I wonder if that's the real reason I'm in a foul mood?
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