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Tired'kin is tired.

There are now 18 wrapped presents on the coffee table. Two were wrapped and shipped by Mom. Still to be wrapped is the present that Tigger bought for Critter today -- he was still finishing up homework at 9:30; either he will wrap it in the morning, or likely he will spec out details for me to wrap it. Flar is bringing a present home from Dubai, and I've one more to pick up tomorrow.

After school today, Tigger and I shopped for a few of the presents, and for lots of pretty wrapping paper and bows. Then we pick up a few groceries, and my prescriptions, and got home around 6:30. Critter was at TT's tutoring him in Geography until quite a bit later, so I made present-wrapping first priority tonight.

During the day today, I got quite a bit of laundry done, including sorting, folding and putting away a good portion of that. I also cleared away things on the floor of the jacuzzi room, and then worked on the kitchen. I cleaned the microwave, stove and counters, up to the usual stopping place halfway across the sink, then washed three towel-loads of dishes beyond the drainboard. Critter put them away tonight.

Our heating contractor didn't make it out to the house tonight. I hope to hear the tale tomorrow. I hope to get heat tomorrow. If it weren't so late, I'd be seriously considering showering and blowing my hair dry before bed.

Tomorrow, I've got the kitchen table to clear, more laundry, pots and pans and fragile glasses to wash, and then the mail-bag/family room stuff-space to tackle. Knight is picking Tigger up from school tomorrow, then taking him to tutoring club for me, so that I can go to the Forensics practice in the afternoon and practice judging.

Sleep now. Be productive again tomorrow.
Tags: birthday, forensics, heat

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