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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Cleaning Day
The housekeeper, whom I shall call Alice, is here. She had a whole freed-up day in her schedule, and she's spending it here. I'm getting my first rest of the day. I've taken TIgger to school, gotten cash for housekeeping (Mom is putting in my savings account which allows for more ATM transactions than checks, per month.), and voted.

I have officially made my first vote for a write-in candidate. If I understand KY election rules correctly, it was a wasted vote. But honestly, I could vote for either candidate for governor. And it would be a hoot if Gatewood got enough votes to be reported tonight. ;)

Once I got home, after I ate breakfast, I ran a load of t-shirts and started a load of work towels; I cleared the bathtub and floor of the bathroom to get it as ready as possible for cleaning; I put away drinks and hauled trash out of the jacuzzi room; I made breakfast for Critter, ran a load of dishes and cleared off as much of the table and counters as I could.

I got Alice to start upstairs, while I got the bathroom ready downstairs. Before I leave to pick up TIgger, I need to get the family room and dining room ready to clean, as well. She's going to clean all four bathrooms, Flar's office, the guest room, the master bedroom, the family room and the dining room. That leaves the kitchen and jacuzzi room to me over the next three days.

For now, I get to sit with my feet up and read.

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I vote early by mail so I'm done with that deed!

As for putting your feet up and reading whilst someone else cleans your house...BRAVO!!!

My mommy loves me lots and lots. She saw how far behind I'd been getting on housework, the last time she was here, and has started giving me $50 a week to get it cleaned.

Now I'm off to clear two more rooms, then school pickup, academic book shopping, tutoring, and groceries before I get back home.

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