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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Froot Loops and Tickle Bees - On being loved
LJ Idol
This is my entry for LJ Idol, Topic 1: My Favorite Childhood Memory.

Rummaging through my childhood memories, I find there are many from which to choose. I had a very happy childhood, it seems. As I flip through the images, I keep coming back to a rather early one. Froot Loops and Tickle Bees. And I should just say there that I'm rather tickled that I was able to find a picture of this old toy when I went looking.

I was raised in a loving family that was no stranger to touch. Tickles, hugs, and all-out war in Mommy and Daddy's huge bed. On Sunday mornings, my brother and I would scramble into bed with Mommy and Daddy, jumping all over them, and getting tickles from the tickle bee. Daddy's constant sleeptime uniform was tidy whities and a plain white t-shirt. The only times I ever saw Daddy in pajamas were when he was home sick. Mommy didn't stay in bed long; she would get up in her long nightie, and go to the bedroom to fix us Froot Loops in tall tupperware tumblers.

It's odd really. I remember that the tickle fests were on Sunday mornings. I remember that we had Froot Loops for breakfast. And I remember all of this in our pajamas and Daddy's oh-so-fashionable undies. But the point of the tumblers was to get breakfast into us before we set off for morning church service. So why is it that I don't remember any of the process of getting into our Sunday dress-up clothes?

Heh. I suppose what makes it a favorite for me is the details that I do remember. The giggling. The finger raised so high in the air, with the requisite Tickle Bee narrative. Said Bee was so powerful that the finger needn't touch to elicit the gales of laughter. The confusing covers that weren't flat across the bed, but piled into a column down the middle. Grown, I now understand this as the simple result of flipping covers back from each side. Playing in the background, the final strains of the theme from Gumby, then the opening hymn for David and Goliath.

When Daddy bought me the Tickle Bee toy, I remember laughing that there was a real tickle bee, not just Daddy's finger.

All throughout my childhood, Mommy and Daddy's bed was a safe place. If I had a nightmare, I could crawl into bed with them, and they would keep me safe. When Daddy was on-base with the-duty, Mommy would let me AND my brother sleep with her all night. I loved cuddling up against my mommy's slippery night gown, squishing into her warm curviness.

I ate Froot Loops for breakfast on my wedding day.

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This sounds like my own memories. Thank you for bringing them pouring back.

beautiful memory.

i've never heard of tickle bees, but in our house my dad was the "tickle monster"

I forgot mention that Daddy would buzz while he was zigzagging his finger down to tickle. The buzzing would make me giggle enough that he usually didn't have to follow through on the tickling.

My dad was also the tickle monster in my family; tickle bees are also new to me.

To minikin: This is absolutely adorable.

An adorable and comforting story!

excellent fun memory! thanks for sharing!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. As an adult, I look back and treasure my childhood -- I grew up thinking everyone was loved like me.

Tickles and fruit loops are the best! (I still do all of that to this day!)

I love reading stories about happy families. REAL happy families, like yours, and not the ones where the people are as happy as they can be while worrying about what the neighbors might think if they saw breakfast, etc.

Thank you for sharing this one with us, with me. :)

You're quite welcome.

I think someone else commented that it was difficult to pick a favorite memory from a happy childhood, and I wholeheartedly agree. I picked this one, because in flipping through memories, I kept coming back to it.

My granddad was the "tickle monster" in my life. This brought back such good memories!

This was so great. The Tupperware, the REAL Ticklebee, and you eating Fruit Loops on your wedding day :)

My children often sleep in bed with my husband and I. My daughter tucks her feet between my legs. Whether for comfort or warmth I don't care, I just love having them there.

Thank you for this. I loved it!

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :)

But did you have your wedding day Froot Loops in a tumbler? ;)

Heck no!

A tupperware cereal bowl can hold more, hands down. :)

In fact, the same cereal bowl can hold a whole box of Kraft Shells and Velveeta. Which take three kidney bowls to hold, after the doctor tells you to curl up into a ball for the epidural. That was eight and half years later, in fact 18 years (less 23:07 hours) ago.

Aw geeze! Now my warped brain is going to sing AC/DC's 'Big Balls' until I fall asleep ... except it will sing it as 'Big Bowls'...........

And happy birthday to the kidney bowl kid! ;)

how wonderful! I'm glad someone had a wonderful childhood with nice things to remember, even it it wasn't me.

Thank you. I had a happy childhood that I thought of then as pretty normal. To hear tell these days, that's unusual.

yep, pretty much. Mine wasn't so *bad* as it was neglectful, but I don't remember it fondly, regardless.

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