Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

List for tomorrow.

But first, physics.

Critter needed to visualize his homework, so he was using the fireplace tools stand, string and miscellaneous objets de masses. I couldn't set up an equation for the bit he was stuck on, but I could point out the significance of "weightless string" and "frictionless pully" to setting up the equation. Heh, when I offered to help, he pointed out that I took physics pass/fail. I pointed out that he hasn't gotten to electromagnetics, yet. ;)

And, no matter that my strength and preference was for math and science, I am a literate person. I was asking about "who's that guy with the pendolum?" I came up with three answers without batting an eye: Foucalt, Poe, Damocles. Why is it the names that stick, not the formulary?

And now the list.
  1. 6 Shower, Breakfast
  2. 7 Take Tigger to Sayre
  3. Quiet Time
  4. Straighten the Family Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Jacuzzi Room, Laundry Room, Bathroom, Closet and Bedroom
  5. Dishes
  6. Paperwork
  7. Fun Stuff - LJ, email, birthday planning
  8. 12:30 Leave for Unfacilitated Synergy, then Pick up Tigger
  9. Pick up wherever I left off in the at-home list
  10. 10 Bedtime, no work for the beginning of the week.

I did not use any available weekend time for productivity, thus I'm planning on starting the week out strong tomorrow. Here's hoping.

In the overview of the week, I've got Synergy Monday, French Tutoring Tuesday, HVAC Maintenance Wednesday, Forensics Thursday and the usual busy Friday. Flar's due home from Dubai on Saturday. Forensics tournament on Saturday, then Critter's birthday on Sunday.

Busy busy busy.
Tags: critter, lists, physics, planning
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