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One Long Day

hmm. no word from Flar. I'm assuming he got in safely, and that he just hasn't gotten around to calling yet. I'll probably hear from him tomorrow.

Tigger didn't bowl as well this week as last week. But he did get at least one strike and one spare for the day, so he didn't totally suck. I knitted the back of Bébé's sweater partially up the armhole shaping.

After bowling, we filled the car with gas and bought postage and mailed stuff for Flar. Then went home for lunch of mac n cheese and hot dogs. Called Knight to organize going to see The Tuxedo in the evening. Called Bébé to invite him to the movie with us.

Tigger helped me to sort the clean clothes into his and Critter's baskets while Critter unloaded/loaded the dishwasher and lunch was cooking. After lunch, Tigger and Critter folded and put away their clean clothes, and put all their dirty clothes down the laundry chute. Theory has it that the only clothes in their rooms now are clean ones.

While they were doing that, I bathed. A nice long soak in oatmeal and mineral oil with vanilla bubbles. I washed my hair first, using the hand shower to rinse, and shaved my legs, so now I've got all smooth and silky skin on my legs. I've taken to doing all the messy bits in a shallow bath, then drawing the soaking bath fresh. I soaked and read, and thought about getting out and napping but then it was time to get dressed for the movie.

The Tuxedo was cute. But I picked up a trying-to-be-a-headache that I haven't shaken. After the movie, we went home and had Hamberger Helper Beef Romanov for dinner. Filling, but "not as good as it looked" was Critter's summation.

After dinner, we went over to Knight and Ro's to play a game with Knight and Ro and Holmes, which didn't get started until almost 10pm. We played Life, which Ro won. She pulled the 100K salary, lost it to a trade for 90K, only had to spend 100K on her house, and then pulled a Rather Lucky stock number. All of which combined to net her the extra Life cards from Millianaire Acres Retirement home, even though she eventually got knocked down to 50K salary.

Back home, and time for sleep. Sunday: the day of rest And no commitments to drag us out of bed before we wake naturally. Cool!

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