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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A sleepy turn-in
We've gotten the Tempur-pedic mattress, and it's difficult to resist. Last night, I sat in it to read LJ, and ended up crawling under the covers without meds, with Halloween dramatic makeup still on my face. I eventually woke up from a dream where I kept turning off the radio, only to hear another one playing.

Welcome to lots of new friends! I think I'm caught up on reading LJ Idol intros, and I've expanded my friends list by quite a few writers from the competition.

Tigger had his first session with his French tutor tonight. He's currently on academic probation, and the worst of his classes is French. His current round of grades are all good, so he's taking this seriously and really trying to get out from under at the earliest opportunity. Probation would ordinarily last a full marking period - 9 weeks, but his principal opted to make this effective only until Thanksgiving, when he will be re-evaluated. Meanwhile, he can't be on the Chess Team or participate in tournaments.

In their first session, all they did was address his current homework, but even that will be an important help to him.

Tonight was my first class of training to be a parent judge in the speech tournaments. I've found that I have a challenge ahead of me -- these kids have an amazing amount of talent!

Critter has submitted his applications for Rice and Caltech. I think the deadline is later for Stanford and Cornell. He has chosen to submit his Rice application Early Decision, which means that if he is offered a position at the University, he WILL matriculate there in the fall. The agreement goes on to mention withdrawing applications at other school. If everything goes well, Critter will be writing the rejection letters in this transaction, not the other way around. ;)

Critter's Halloween party was a blast. There were a bunch of kids, music, food, and fun costumes. The winner of the contest was dressed as Critter. He was close enough to temporarily fool Pandria, when they came over. The second place went to a Stingray (also attending the party was a Steve Irwin); third place went to a nerd. After the trophy presentation, they played a game of live action Clue, which was hastily organized but fun was had.

I got chops as a Hot Mama, after being asked if I was a model. The followup question was whether I'm bi. I spent the morning yesterday at the salon, and the afternoon running errands for the party. My nails and toes are shiny again, and I now sport about 3 inches of wine red at the ends of my still-long locks. If I leave the ends out when I twist it up, the contrast is enough to make it look like feathers. During the party, I left my hair down, and said I was a serial killer who'd gotten the ends of my hair stained by the blood of my many victims.

Overheard in a hallway: "why wasn't *I* born into this family?"

The party ended early, due to it being held on a school night, and the nature of the invitation list -- kids in AP classes and Forensics team. Critter hangs with the smarter crowd at EJHS.

We have lots of leftover food, some of which will feed ladies at Life Group tomorrow. The leftover pizza will be our staple diet for the week while Flar is gone. Flar is leaving early in the morning to drive to Louisville and fly to New York, then Dubai. He's going to be gone a bit over a week, in which time I'll be on driving duty at both ends of the school day.

I worked almost every night last week, and then almost nothing this week. Here's hoping the volume will be reasonable while I'll on morning duty next week.

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What is he doing in Dubai? And wow, I wish my parents had been as great as y'all. I think I'm having retrogressive parent envy!

Flar got a BSEE/CCC (I can at this point only remember two of the Cs: Circuits and Computers) with a minor in Economics. He then went to Texaco and became the technology guru for their computer department, leading to heading up the first PC department there. He left Texaco for Telecommunications Consulting, which eventually morphed into Management Consulting, and now he's an Evil Developer™.

He's going to Dubai with regard to a nascent building management startup, and a potential development deal (that may be in one of the created islands).

It's easy to be great parents when you have great kids. Tigger is going through a rough spot right now in school, but they're both smart kids with a great attitude. With kids like that, how can we be anything but cool? Especially fun, was being able to suggest that Critter drive his friend home in my Bug, after she had complimented me on it. He's a careful driver, so I don't think twice about handing him my keys.

CuppyKate * Memories*

HAHA i was there at the halloween party!!! woot

Yeah i was most def there. I think it was Casey doing all of the question asking. I mean she only came with this other girl that i didn't think knew critter...but thats just me rambling. I was the girl who tried to look like she was sleeping...but ended up looking like an indian in sweatpants... :[ but on the flipside that was the first time i got to see critters room and the first time u and flar got a taste of my presence :D

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