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And some weeks, journals are just about being whiny

I *thought* I was getting better. But I'm still not up to snuff, no way. Didn't get enough sleep last night, then didn't get enough done during the day. Got fussed at by another parent who waited for me to be late picking up TIgger after chess club. (I was last-on every week for two years, often waiting for late parents, so this did not sit well on top of feeling sick and sorry for myself.)

Still can't hear right. I filled the jacuzzi, but the room is still a wet-dog, pee-pad smelly mess from a week with Mom too tired to mess with it and a family who doesn't pick up that particular slack.

I decorated two cakes (for school) and a cookie (for us), but I had a minor 'I can't hear'/'I don't know how to operate the overtaken plumbing of an AV system in the family room anymore' meltdown moment, in which I managed, at almost midnight, to blast the rest of the house with 5 seconds of Very High Volume sound. Minor in that it just made me sorry-for-myself, embarrassed weepy, but I'm discovering that the extra liquidy drainage is spiking pain in my left throat/eustation tube area.

And I honestly thought I was all the way to wait out the extra congestion stage, ready for my next shower to help the final bit of sound barrier of this thing.

It's beginning to be mouse season again. Which isn't really a bad thing -- it's amusing to see the dogs go on alert. But I do need to go hunt Dizzy down where she's waiting out a mouse in order to crate them. All three of them jumped the dining room fence to go after it, but DIzzy doesn't back down.

Last night at work I started a podiobook, which I finished today, which is not likely to have helped my mood. "The Immortals" by Tracy Hickman. It was an uplifting story set in a very dystopian setting. It was amazing to listen to some of the politics-related bits, and then realize that the book was written completely pre-W.

The meeting with Tigger's French teacher was so-so. She wanted to talk to me one-on-one first, which left no time for all three of us to discuss stuff, and I was left feeling I should have insisted on my original request for it to be all three of us. I want to have him involved in his solutions more, and I don't like playing middle man - I'd rather be mediator. She did give me resources for extra studying, and we came up with some strategies to improve Tigger's classroom/homework experience.

Ouchy had another chemo appointment today. She is perkier this week than she was a couple of weeks ago - I think the cooler, damp weather agrees with her. She doesn't drag against the leash anymore at the vet (she used to try to dig into the floor, and we'd either slide her with the leash or pick her up). Not only that, but she's used to routine, and trots right along to the scale, etc. It's nice, but unexpected, considering that they hook her up to an IV to give her the chemo,. I think she just likes the attention. They're very sweet on her at the vet.

Flood still howls like we're killing her, when I take JUST Ouchy to the vet.

Dizzy's staring down a mouse-escape route in the family room now, so she'll be easier to round up later.

Tigger's costume is fun. Hobo. He's wearing his fallen-apart shoes; a pair of torn, convertible cargo pants with one long side zipped off; his favorite t-shirt with holes in it; his favorite sweater with thumb-holes in the sleeves - with new holes added; my Burberry raincoat with a rumpled rain hat I keep in one of its pockets; a can of beans and a bandana on a stick, filled with "treasures." I explained that the treasures should be things with no intrinsic value that he likes, as hobos tend to be eccentric. Pictures with I get around to it, as I keep saying.

There's a recycling drive at Sayre this week for aluminum cans, and Tigger took long enough on dinner and homework and costume that he put off recycling til morning.

Flar is going to drive TIgger in the morning (normally I take him on Fridays, since I'm out anyway for Life Group), so I'll have extra time in the morning to shower and primp before going out; tomorrow's the day my license expires, and the office closed at noon today.

Critter printed out fliers for his Halloween party tonight. Black and white, so he could use the laser printer, but on orange and purple paper so the invites will stand out. I don't know if he's going to tack them up at school, or merely hand them around. He included a line of fine print, disclaiming any responsibility for sleepiness in school due to attending a weeknight party. ;)

Neither of us have decided on costumes yet. I'll figure out something, I'm sure. I'm thinking of colorful leather to go with my autumn theme for Trunk or Treat.

Sleep now. Driver Licence pic tomorrow, as well as date night in Cincy. And lots of other running around.

Oh, I did get the kitchen table cleared off, and the counters, and Critter ran two loads of dishes, and I cleaned up after decorating. So the kitchen is a moderately happy place.

Need to update Quicken, but it will wait until the weekend, now.

bed now.
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