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Time to pull organization out of the air like water vapor into rain

Sometimes one has to fall back on old crutches just to retrieve a feeling of minor sanity.

So, first the list:

Edited to show what actually got completed - underlined.
  1. soon - meeting with S. -- when she joins me here in the volunteer office
  2. imm. following - work - I anticipate another 8 hours, which will bring me up to 24 in a single week. After months of 2-4 hours a week at most. This takes me to Thursday.
  3. imm. following - nap - I don't know if I'll be able to take Nyquil when I get home - I may not have 6 hours to throw at sleep
  4. 11:40a-12:05p - meet with French teacher - try to come up with a strategy to help Tigger in French and figure out where he's lacking in class.
  5. home - top off jac, adjust chems, clean jac. room, sort laundry and start, straighten kitchen, family room, bedroom, update quicken, watch quest livecast, listen to celebration, do No Stones homework
  6. 5:30p - [6pm, actual] pick up Tigger at chess club
  7. home - decorate two cakes and a cookie cake, continue laundry, map out plan for cleaning bedroom, wrap presents for Christopher, print stuff for Life Group, help Tigger with his Halloween costume
  8. full night's sleep actually at night (a first this week) takes us to Friday
  9. 7a Take Tigger to school; drop off cakes for Fall Festival; Life Group - I might have time before Life Group for No Stones work
  10. 2:30-4:30p Fall Festival
  11. Get Critter to drop me at church for The Mat; get ride with Finance Group to Cincy, to meet Matt; evening in Cincy with QPZA Finance Group and spice.friends.
  12. Another full night's sleep actually at night should have me set for the busy weekend
  13. Saturday morning meet with potential housekeeper to plan attack of house
  14. Saturday afternoon decorate car for Trunk or Treat; figure out a costume
  15. Worship at the 5's, Trunk or Treat

And I'm sure there's more, cause I remember saying that X would have to wait until Sunday, but I don't remember what X was.

I think the new antibiotic is kicking in, as I seem to have a lot more energy, at least. I can't hear earbuds or headsets through my right ear, both ears feel congested. The outside world is still behind a layer of cotton, and my voice is still louder in my head, but with not as much buzz. The echo is gone. The whistle is still there.

Flar met Critter and I at the Healthy Back Store today, and we bought ourselves our Christmas present: a deluxe king mattress, no platform, with waterproof cover and one pillow thrown in. We're actually happy with our current pillows - the pillow is for Gaucha;. They'll call within the next two days to arrange delivery, which will likely be before next Friday.

Which means my new focus for cleaning is our bedroom. We've got to measure for and buy masonite sheets to fit over the slats and under the mattress, re-staple the slats that have come free from the plastic stringer, and I want to completely vacuum out the under-bed area before we put the new mattress in place. I also want to tear apart the contents of my under-bed drawer, cubbies, vanity, dresser, etc, and completely reorganize.

Flar's present to me is the mattress. My present to him is the clean room that will go around it. A room that will be able to STAY clean.

Okay, still no S. Gonna have to find another time, and get to work.
Tags: busy, christmas, church, halloween, sick, work

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