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Well-known painting recognition

I saw an elem. school (or less, I don't know the age) child's drawing today. Two things intrigued me about it.


It was very clearly Starry Night, and very clearly drawn by a very young artist. Wikimedia has a nice jpeg of it for reference, if you aren't familiar with the work. The drawing I saw today had the swirly bits in the sky, the yellow lights, the tall dark bit in the foreground and about three houses.

I think it was the swirly bits that screamed "Starry Night." It was the shape of the horizon hills, and the tall bit, as well as the placement of the yellow lights, that made me smile and comment on how good it was.


One of the three houses looked, as much as the whole drawing looked like Starry Night drawn by a child, just like the Tardis would, if drawn by a child.
I've looked. None of the houses in Starry Night look particularly Tardis-like.

The second thing was whimsically fun. But, the first thing makes me wonder?

How many other works of art have such strikingly well-known features that a drawing by a child could be so easily recognized as to what original work was being rendered?

Starry NIght has its swirls.

I'm thinking Scream would be pretty easy to evoke.

Maybe Sunflowers.

What can you think of?
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