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The Hobby Lobby is open. I actually turned down an invitation yesterday because I was working on paperwork. Tonight, I made a trip "purely for research purposes." I've forgotten how wonderful Hobby Lobbies are. Aisles and aisles of shiny. We got there 30 minutes before closing, and the boys were there to help usher me out. ;)

Last week was my birthday, followed by extreme busy-ness, then mild, but enervating, illness. This week started out strong - in two days, I've cleaned the kitchen & jacuzzi room & family room, done all the laundry (including extra bedding that had been waiting), and gotten the mail sorted to finish tomorrow and Thursday.

I took a nap this afternoon that slowed me down, though. Critter drove us to pick up the cleaning (including Tigger's jacket for a dress-up day tomorrow), then we stopped at Sir Pizza for dinner (they take forEVER), and briefly dipped into the Hobby Lobby.

Before he went to bed, Critter checked email and found his first official scholarship offer. To Birmingham Southern College. Not on his list, but the offer gave him solid evidence that he really is going to college. :) Having returned from his trip to Houston, he's decided that his first choice is Rice, then Caltech, then Cornell. He really liked Houston. It's mind-warping to think that Public Transportation is one of the things he LIKED about Houston. But then, I am due for my 25 year reunion this year... Quite a lot has changed.

When we got home from being out tonight, it hit me. I spend so much time with them. I'm wrapped up now in the excitement of all the milestones of growth and maturity with them, but I find it hard to imagine what life with be like without the constant presence.
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