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Quality Bonding Time

Flar and Critter and Tigger are in the kitchen, making my birthday cake. I'm in the family room, putting my feet up, staying out of the hilarity. And thinking about digging into my mess out here. Of the miscellaneous variety - paperwork, mail, bills, journals, books, recipes, etc. etc.

Tigger is wearing his Savoy chef's jacket. He's the one who actually knows how to do stuff -- he knows where the parchment triangles are stored, how to mix paste coloring into the frosting, etc. I think I heard Critter saying that he and Daddy are working on being incompetent so that Tigger will do all the work. ;)

I started this post with the intent of recording some of what I've been hearing out of the kitchen, but they've settled down now.

The ingredients are sound, so no matter the appearance, it should be yummy.
Tags: birthday cake

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