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Talk Like a Pirate Day!

`Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

I got up at an insanely early hour t' be seein' Flar an' Tigger off t' Sayre fer Tigger`s Cumberland Falls Campin' Trip. They actually port a full 15 minutes early on accoun' o' they be both ready t' go, Critter had t' keel haul ou' t' th' garage t' say arrrr t' Tigger.

I be under instruction t' amuse myself fer an hour while Critter tries fer more sleep, then 't`ll be ham an' eggs an' cinnamon toast fer breakfast. Wi' orange juice t' prevent scurvy.

I be havin' a special fondness fer Talk Like a Pirate Day fer two reasons. One, 't rehabilitates a date in me calendar. Enough spake about that.

But more importantly, I be descended from Gentlemen o' fortune. Me paternal ancestor, a Monsieur Dozé, came t' America wi' Jean Lafitte: Gentleman Pirate o' New Orleans.

So today, I`ll carry me beany parrot around, wear a striped shirt, maybe tie up me curly hair in a (tie-dyed) hanky, an' Talk Like a Gentleman o' fortune!
Tags: field trip, pirate day

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