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Watched Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey tonight, over at Knight and Ro's. The kids loved it. It's been a while since I've seen it, but it holds up well. :)

Tigger was home from school today. Power outage. We both ended up totalling vegging out -- I gave him the satellite control to use with the TV upstairs, and I watched a bunch of Buffy season 2. It's fun to see the seeds that were planted so early on -- Cordey and Angel scenes, Spike and Buffy scenes...

Critter got home from his week at Bradford Woods today. The bus was scheduled to arrive at 3:15. I got there on time, prepared to wait. What with TV -- I totally vegged: didn't even use the TV time to do housework or bills -- and the waiting in the car, and watching Bill and Ted, I've gotten 80 rows of pattern knitted on Bébé's sweater now.

Flar left for Brazil and will be coming back a week from Monday. I'm planning to set some goals for myself and the kids, to complete before his return, and plan far enough ahead to get a pleasing amount done. I'm hoping to load the de-cluttering/straightening type stuff toward the beginning, so that I can enjoy a clean house myself.

I got back the memory card RMA that I sent Lexar. They didn't send back a 24M card -- they replaced it with a 32M card: probably the smallest they sell anymore.
While Timothy is bowling tomorrow, I'm going to put together my list of goals, and see what I think can realistically be accomplished, by working out a schedule. That way I can take into account bowling days, and going out of town. And see if I can work in going to the movies with Knight and Ro this weekend.
Prez got me a copy of Simply Irresistable for my birthday. That's one of the movies we watched at my party: we also watched Joe versus the Volcano and Dream Team.

Gotta start working out the details of making the boys' Halloween costumes: Tigger wants to be a ball of string,and Critter wants to be a coke bottle. Ball of string is a classic papier mache project, but I'm not sure what solution would work best to stiffen the string sufficiently. I ordinarily use liquid starch with newsprint, but I'm not sure if liquid starch would be strong enough for the task here. Gonna do some research.
I finished the 5th book in the Night's Dawn series by Peter F. Hamilton, in time for Critter to start it, now that he's home. If I go to bed now, that's a reasonable amount of time to read before I sleep and stay ahead of him in this book. :)

Seems like I had other stuff to write. But now I've forgotten.

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