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My laptop is in Kenwood again. But they're replacing the 60G drive with a 100G drive; Yay!!! They're doing it in-house, which means if I'd have gone up earlier in the day, I'd have my laptop already, but this way Mom and I can drive up Wednesday morning, pick up the laptop, eat at Pappadeaux and try again for guarana at Jungle Jim's.

Working backwards:

Yesterday, I taped my 30-second story for my Baptism on Sunday, then went home. Surfed a little with Flar, then drove up to Cincy with Critter. We left the Apple Store light one laptop, but toting a family pack of iWork'08 and a new low-profile titanium keyboard for Critter.

Then we drove to Jungle Jim's, where they have international foods. They carry Antarctica brand Guarana soda, but the space on the shelf for cans was bare, and Flar specifically rejected bottles in his request. I *did* find Tahitian Treat, so we bought that along with some odds and ends. I didn't see even an empty spot for cheese rolls. :(

We got home just in time for Grilled Steak and Pasta Salad and Tossed Salad and Ice Cream Desserts for dinner with Ro and Knight. Sunny was spending the night, and he fixed dinner for us. Flar fixed the salad; Ro brought the pasta.
Sunday, Critter and I picked up Sunny in Versailles, then attended V2 at Quest. We went home, then all of us went to Bella Notte for lunch. After lunch, we shopped a bit at Best Buy, then went to the Dog Show at the Horse Park. It was quite warm, so we didn't stay very long, but we did get to see lots of cute dogs. And I bought a pretty scotty t-shirt. We spent the rest of the evening vegging out in front of the TV.
I got up early (for a Saturday), and headed over to the church for Volapalooza, the last weekend available for getting ready for Questapalooza and Fall Kickoff. I ended up in the 1 year old room, helping with kids, and have a CD to listen to. After noon, I went out to lunch at Culvers with the QPZA accounting team, and I got my car painted before leaving the church. If you see a green beetle zooming around town with on the windows, that's me. :)

In the afternoon, we were visited by a Kirby salesman. I told him up front that I wouldn't be buying a vacuum today, but welcomed him to give his sales pitch. We now have a clean(er) carpet in the family room. The stains aren't gone, but it's a lot cleaner. Unfortunately, the pitch went on long enough for us to miss Worship at the 5's, but on the bright side, it was an opportunity to invite more people to Questapalooza.
Friday morning I drove Tigger to school before Life Group. That lasted extra long this week, because one woman in our group accepted Christ on Wednesday, and another accepted Christ during Life Group. By the time we were done with lunch, it was time for me to pick Tigger up from school.

He's recogized that his pants are too short, so we went pants-shopping on the way home from school. By the time we were done with shopping, Critter had to meet us in the Wal-Mart parking lot so that I could get to The Mat in time for No Stones. After The Mat, I had Baptism Orientation. I wasn't out of there until 10, but I had a version of my story to fit into the 30 second time slot on the video, and information about how Sunday will work. The Baptisms will be from 2:45pm through 3:45. There is a lot on the program, so they will be keeping to the schedule as closely as possible.

When I got home on Friday night, I had a difficult conversation with Flar about priorities, and how the house looks and how much time I'm spending on church activities. The conversation was difficult not so much because the house is falling apart as regards housewifely duties, and I'm spending lots of time at church. It was difficult because this was the first time I really expressed to Flar that God comes first, before even family, and he's on-board with that order of priority.

I was agitated enough after the hard talk, that I couldn't sleep right away, so I did dishes, then came to bed. Today, I've got much of the day to myself to get a bunch done at home, and determination to get it done.

Now for laundry, kitchen, family room, calls and errands. Oh the life of a housewife.
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