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General Update

Taking a break, before going back into high-gear.

When last we left the ordinary life of Minikin, she was going to bed on time on a Thursday night.

This weekend, I played hooky from church, with the exception of Life Group. We had a very small group, as many of the women were attending the Leadership Retreat that took place this weekend.

Once I got home from Quest, I got to enjoy a lovely visit with spydielives. She was in town for only two days, and I feel lucky to be one of those who got to see her while she was here. She picked up my corset for some maintenance work, and while we were on that subject, I gave her a couple of more projects. I gave her my gauze shirt that has sleeves which are too tight, to fix for me. Lastly, I gave her my favorite winter purse (which has Wrangler pockets on it and one huge zipped pocket inside), and two pairs of pants to make me summer purses. Then we sat and talked and just sort of caught up with each other.

Unfortunately, the plumber who was supposed to come on Friday afternoon never showed up. It turns out, that while my phone was off for Life Group, they called, assumed that there was no one home (they didn't call the home line), and said to call back or they'd just try to come out on Monday. I got this message around 3pm, and when I called, all I got was voicemail. I left a message asking that they call back about rescheduling, and expressed my annoyance that they didn't bother to show up. No answer by 7pm, so I called and left another message pointing out that Monday was very busy for me, and that they need to call me by 8:30am Monday morning so that I could contort my schedule around them. No calls.

So now I'm looking for a new plumber, while one toilet is stopped up (and unfortunately in a stinky state) and another has no water in the tank, leaving half of our bathrooms quite stinky and unusable. One is the guest bathroom; the other is the bathroom the boys use for showering. Sigh. Flar says the stopped up one needs to be snaked, that fry toilet probably has corroded parts on the tank valves. He also wants me to have them snake the master bathroom shower drain, and just yesterday the toilet in there started running again. It's a matter of the flap getting caught by the float on its way down - I'm going to ask the plumber if he can shorten the arm on the float. Neither Flar nor I do more plumbing than can be done with the Big Black Plunger or Liquid Plumber Two Part Foaming Drain Cleaner. When Flar says it's time for the plumber, I don't argue. Sigh. Google points to about 8 nearby, so someone ought to be able to come out soon.

Far too soon, it was time for me to leave to pick Tigger up from school. When we got home, i dug in and tackled the mound of paperwork that I'd been avoiding. The above-mentioned Retreat was also responsible for canceling my No Stones class at The Mat, so I had the entire evening available to get this behind me. I managed to enter all the receipts, handle some online bills, and reconcile two months of checking. When it got to the point of sorting the recent week of mail, I realized it was just to late to start in on it, so I went on to sleep, very late,.

My dream of an early Saturday afternoon of pamper-me followed by Worship at the 5s became, in reality, a late afternoon of opening and processing mail, and blowing off church for the weekend. If the podcast isn't up yet by tomorrow night, I'll buy the CD while I'm there for Celebration. I got everything done that I could, without making phone calls, which meant I was done with bills for the weekend.

Sunday morning, I fixed breakfast and then made Traveling Cookies. We went over to see Bébé and Scarlett, and have lunch with them in the afternoon. They've given up on trying to sell the house Flar grew up in; now they're remodelling and redecorating that house, and plan to sell Scarlett's house. This was the first time for us to see many of the changes. Scarlett has quite a flair for decorating; the house is beautiful and yet still very comfortable. After we ate, we sat around in the living room chatting while Flar and Bébé took turns napping at opposite ends of one of the couches. Then we picked up a small amount of groceries on the way home.

So I ended the weekend with loose ends remaining in the bills, a Very Messy Laundry/Jacuzzi Room ™, and a kitchen with an overwhelming quantity of dishes waiting to be washed. Yesterday, I went to the dentist in the morning. It's the first time I've ever been complimented by a dental hygienist on my flossing. I recently started using Reach Cleanpaste for Tight Teeth, and I love it. It doesn't cut into my fingers, and it's infused with Aquafresh, which is the toothpaste that I use. Healty gums, no cavities, a little concern about signs of grinding my molars, but all in all a Very Pleasant trip to the dentist. In the afternoon, I met with my Synergy Group, picked up supplies at Sam's, got some of the phone calls made, then picked up Tigger. On the way home, we got pet food and some last bits at Kroger,

I got a call last night from Quest, about the baptism at Questapalooza. I'd already known that I was picked for this; the call was to tell me when the orientation class is (tomorrow, after Celebration), and to let me know about an information packet I needed to pick up at church before the class.

Flar had a Very Late Dinner Meeting ™ in Louisville, and when I went to fix dinner I had no clean pans, so I declared junkfood night, then spent the rest of the day cleaning the kitchen. The microwave, range, counters, sinks and table are all now clean, and there is a jacuzzi towel covered with clean dishes to the side of the sinks. I didn't have time to get to one last bit of trays and plates, but they fit in the dishpan, so I left them for today and called it a job well-enough done.

I didn't get to sleep by bedtime last night, but I was resting and reading when Flar got home, so I volunteered to drive Tigger this morning, We got him to school on time, and on the way home I dropped off plastic bags at Kroger, sleeping bags at the coin laundry and Matt's cleaning at the other laundry. Then I picked up my baptism packet at Quest, determined that there were no green slips to enter for QPZA, and got a few more supplies at Meijer before getting home.

Now that I've read my email and comics and LJ, and re-listened to ..CSI once, it's time to tackle more phone calls, finish up the bills, find a new plumber, read my baptism packet, and write up the one-minute version of my story.

Tigger gets out of school at 2:30 today, and has an appointment with Sydney (his therapist) at 4:30, so I may be writing out my story long hand while we eat an early dinner at Denney's, and while I wait during his appointment.

Tonight, we're planning to meet Knight and Ro at Amstar to see Rush Hour 3. It's playing at the Movie Tavern, but the times aren't amicable for Flar's phone call to Gaucha and Tigger's bedtime.
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